Mersiv Resonates in Times of Despair with Digital Eden

Andy Gallegos, known as Mersiv, is a producer and DJ from Denver who’s rapidly becoming one of the biggest stars in the experimental bass scene. Throughout the past few years, he’s been rocking stages at major festivals such as Buku, Okeechobee, Shambhala, and Wakaan. During 2020 he’s been hard at work in the studio, releasing a plethora of beautiful tracks and monstrous bangers. In 2019 he shocked the scene with his first full-length EP called Digital EdenOver a year and a half later, the 10- track album resonates in a way even Mersiv couldn’t have imagined.

Mersiv aimed to heal with Digital Eden.

2020 was an incredibly hard year for all of us. Forced out of our comfort zones, human beings as a collective, experienced hardships, challenges, and suffering on a global scale. If 2020 was about overcoming adversity, 2021 is without a doubt about healing both physically and spiritually. This healing is exactly what Mersiv intended to portray with the Digital Eden project.

Digital Eden acts a guided Meditation.

Mersiv opens Digital Eden with Be Here Now as listeners are entranced with mesmerizing synthesizers. Then a guided meditation voice-over encourages his listeners to stop relying on external forces for happiness. Instead, look within to find peace and tranquility.

The next track Oasis brings deep bass that you can’t help but bop your head to before he masterly transitions into Immerse Yourself. Mersiv then reminds us that everyone has a unique purpose and the ability to pursue their dreams and change for the better. “Raising my consciousness, I am on a quest to fix what has been broken. Immerse yourself in the beat, until the third eye and your mind is awoken,” Cody Reed raps over a comforting yet intense soundscape.

Mersiv reminds his listener trust the process.

The next tracks Nocturnal and Stronger, embody the art of manifesting your dreams and turning them into realities. No matter how hard your situation may be trust the process. Stay “driven through the struggle,” and remember that pushing through adversity will only propel you to another level. Healing Frequencies then emphasizes living in the moment as a hypnotizing array of sounds captivates the listener into a dreamlike state.

Mersiv showcases his talent by taking us on a transcendental journey through sound with tracks like Digital Eden, Inferno, and Textures in the Wind.

Mersiv then ends Digital Eden with another guided mediation-inspired track called Safe where a radiating angel-like voice affirms that “you are safe”.

Mersiv’s message holds true in 2021.

The message Mersiv is portraying on Digital Eden is clear. We are spiritual beings with the power to heal from our past and manifest our reality and higher purpose. As we enter 2021, leaving the hardest year of our lives behind, it’s essential to stay focused, positive, and live with love and gratitude.  

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