Lane 8 Sheds Light With Brightest Lights Album

On January 10, 2020, Denver’s Daniel Goldstein, aka Lane 8, released his third studio album titled Brightest Lights. Arguably one of the best dance album to come out of 2020. Before chaos ensued throughout the world, Lane 8 blessed us with this blissful 13 track LP. He proved that dance music doesn’t need to be full of high-energy bangers to hit. In fact, the mellow harmonies displayed on Brightest Lights not only allow you to feel every emotion, but you’ll be moving and grooving as your body is flooded with absolute happiness.

I discovered Lane 8 at Holyship Wrecked.

I was lucky enough to see Lane 8 at Holy Ship Wrecked right before live music was postponed indefinitely. He was not on my radar before I made the trip to the Dominican Republic. It’s safe to say his set caught me by surprise. Never before have I seen a DJ move a crowd so elegantly. As he showcased his new album, I was overcome with an unexplainable sense of nostalgia. Every song hit in a way that brought me to a familiar unexplainable place. Now, every time I listen to the album, I am transported back to that set.

Lane 8 is the perfect blend of house and electronica.

Lane 8 somehow mixes electronica,  house, and trance in a way that takes the listener on a journey with blissful atmospheres and rich textures. Working with Policia and Artic Lake, Lane 8 created an album that’s refreshing and timeless in every sense. It’s beautiful, progressive, and pop-friendly. His take on melodic house translates just as well through your car speakers as it does a festival stage.

Lane 8 soothes the soul with Brightest Lights.

Some standout tracks on Brightest Lights are Just, Road, and Brightest Lights, among others, but the album as a whole is an extraordinary expedition of emotions and blissed-out soundscapes. Lane 8 created an album that soothes the soul and reminds the listener that there’s beauty in everything. Even when the world is burning.

Brightest Lights serves as a reminder to enjoy the little things.

“We are so bombarded with negative energy these days that it is sometimes easy to forget all the beautiful and positive things that happen every day,” Lane 8 Explains. “However small or seemingly insignificant, Brightest Lights is about celebrating and embracing the ups and downs of life and trying to see the world in a positive light.”

Brightest Lights could not have come at a better time as covid ran rampant through 2020, shutting down life as we know it. But throughout the chaos, the album serves as a reminder to enjoy the little things and celebrate life as it happens. Whether it’s good or bad, there is always something to appreciate and be grateful for. No matter how dark things are, it is always important to look for the Brightest Lights!

Listen to Lane 8’s Brightest Lights on Apple Music or your preferred streaming platform!

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