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Good Will Prevail by Griz is a Message of Hope

by Tyrone Basket

Last week as I found myself stuck in a plethora of personal problems beyond my control, I couldn’t help but gravitate towards music to pull me out of the funk and hardship I was experiencing. The album I kept going back to was Good Will Prevail by Griz. I figured it’d be the perfect album to celebrate for this Monday’s Record of the Week!

Good Will Prevail was released during the height of the 2016 Black Lives Matter Movements.

Griz, whose real name is Grant Kwiecinski, released his fifth studio album on September 23, 2016, during a time of great civil unrest throughout the world. From global tensions to police brutality, Griz’s message was clear and straightforward. No matter what, Good will always Prevail and it resonates just as much today as it did in 2016. It doesn’t matter if you are listening from a global or personal perspective Griz’s doctrine of spreading love and embracing faith and trust in all that is good will propel you out of any darkness that may be infiltrating your aura.

Griz encourages hope.

“Oh, when times get hard, You can’t give in!” Tash Neal sings on Can’t Hold Me Down. “You want to keep your strength in. Then what do you do? But happiness Oh, I know it’s free.” Griz is encouraging the listener that no matter how hard times may get, how discouraged you may be, just remember that nothing can hold you down. After all, happiness is free, and if you can smile through all the bullshit and remain happy in times of despair, you have all of the power.

The recurring message throughout the album is everything will be alright. Everything always works out in the end. You just have to trust the universe and the power of love and gratitude. “All I know is when you’re feelin low, I’m here to lift you up, let you always know. “All I know is we’ve all had a hard time, but every single thing is going to be alright,” iDA Hawk sings on I don’t mind.

Griz blends groovy bass and funk.

Aside from the powerful lyrical content displayed throughout Good Times Prevail, the funky, soulful vibe of Griz’s sound is what propels you to transform your conscious mind and pull you out of the darkness into the light. From funky wonky bass drops to soothing saxophone solos, Griz takes you on a funkadelic adventure that is sure to make any bad day a little brighter.  

Music is a powerful medicine that cannot only change your mood but set in motion a wave of positivity by lifting your spirits and therefore changing your perspective of not only the world but your current situation, whatever that may be. So next time your feeling down or find yourself in a case that has taken over your thoughts in a gloomy manner, grab your headphones, take a step back and remember that Good Will Prevail!

Listen to Griz’s Good Will Prevail on Apple Music or your preferred streaming platform!

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