Charles the First Turns Inwards on Solus

Solus is defined as alone or unaccompanied. To find your place in this world you have to first find yourself. No one else can do it for you. Solus by Charles the First is the story of this journey where the purpose is to discover your true self through a personal pilgrimage. To enter uncharted waters that while dangerous is essential to becoming who you are meant to be. Solus is the story of finding your personal legend told through powerful vibrations and downtempo beats created by Charles the First.

Solus is Charles the First’s most powerful project.

Charles the First, whose real name is Charles Ingalls, is an experimental bass DJ and producer from Lake Tahoe who has been making noise in experimental bass with his hip-hop-inspired downtempo version of electronica since he burst into the scene in 2014. Since then, he has put out a plethora of projects but none as powerful as his latest release Solus, which has proven that producers don’t have to follow the grain to be successful. You just have to undeniably be yourself.

Solus takes the listener on a journey.

Inspired by nature and his surroundings, Charles the First is able to do what he always has done. Take the listener on a beautiful harmonic journey through psychedelic tones and sonic landscapes. He somehow paints pictures in your mind through sound. What separates Solus from his previously brilliant projects is his ability to tell a story. The message not only hits you but resonates well after the experience of listening to the album is over. It’s astonishing what can be said with little to no words.  Solus is an inspiring story in search of spirituality, love, and above all self-growth. Solus is poetry in action through vibrations and frequencies.

Charles the First tells a story with Solus.

Charles the First describes his album as “a story of the lone journey, a pilgrimage to places previously unknown. A time of challenges that represent growth, and finally looking one’s true self in the mirror. A story of solitude. A story of sunrises seen and felt. A story of holding onto love and letting love go.”If you look closely, the 13 song tracklist tells a story in itself. 

Learning to Pray to tap into the universe in order To Depart from your old self. To Seek who you truly are. Once you have Figured U(rself) Out you will have this Foreboding Feeling but your Prophecy awaits. You feel hopeful that you’ll soon be Out of the Dark as your Searching For Now.  The now is always what matters. Hang in There as Fleeting Memories will lead to The Undoing of your old self. Then,  Clarity will help you live your destiny.

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