Lsdream, Voyager, and Bicycle Day

What is Bicycle daya nd what does it have to do with Lsdream?

On this day in 1943, chemist Dr. Albert Hoffman became the first person to intentionally trip on LSD. 250 micrograms, to be exact. As the story goes, he infamously began to peak as he rode his bike home from his laboratory. Horrified at first as his mind was fluttered with paranoia and fear that he had gone insane. However, as the night progressed, his horror turned to good fortune and gratitude. He eventually found himself mesmerized by the colors and kaleidoscopic nature of his bedroom.

One can only imagine the chaotic euphoria Hoffman must have witnessed. The effects of LSD were virtually unknown until his daring voyage into the void. Almost 80 years later, hippies, psychonauts, and spiritual warriors celebrate April 19thnow known as Bicycle Day. What better way to celebrate this historical day than with one of my favorite albums to trip to, Voyager by LSDream?

Voyager is Lsdream’s first album under the new name.

Released on May 18th, 2018, Voyager is Sami Damient’s first release under the Lsdream persona. Formally known as Brillz, EDM’s king of trap, Lsdream completely shifted lanes from making songs that had crowds twerking to creating a musical experience akin to a psychedelic trip. Just as Albert Hoffman journeyed into the abyss, Voyager takes you on a cosmic journey through space and time.

Oblivion sets the tone for Voyager

The album immediately draws you in as the first track, OBLIVION, sets the tone for the journey you’re about to embark on. With its cosmic soundscapes and glitch-inspired frequencies, you feel as if you’re aboard a spaceship that just broke through the earth’s atmosphere as you hurtle through outer space.

The next track, TEN OF PENTACLES, proceeds to ask, “Are We Dreaming?” before distorted bass blasts you into an even deeper realm of an unknown reality.

Then comes PSYCHEDELIC featuring Taylor Renee. One of the many highlights of the album, Renne’s hypnotizing vocals, captivates your mind as she describes the euphoria of one’s first psychedelic trip. “Lying on a hill, Popping silly pills, Hold my hand, It’s all brand new. Looking at the stars. Pouring out our hearts. Flying on this trip with you.”

Lsdream explores spirituality and technology.

Alongside psychedelics, LSDream explores the idea of technology emerging to raise consciousness. TECHNIUM opens up with the definition of the song title. “Technium is anything useful that the mind makes. It doesn’t even have to be a human mind. Any mind.” This line could be referring to anything from artificial intelligence to extraterrestrial life.

THE SEVENTH RAY INTERLUDE then brings you back down from the high energy bassline of TECHNIUM  as dreamy arpeggios ease the mind and propel you into a sedative yet euphoric state.

A new wave of consciousness is emerging.

 Lsdream then calls on all dreamers to rise as he proclaims a new wave of consciousness is emerging among the masses on PILLARS OF LIGHT.

The galactic soundscapes and hard-hitting bass conclude with an angle-like voice saying, “As this planet moves closer to these days of great change. Each of you will be called upon to stand as pillars of light.  There will be many different ways this galactic tidal wave of light will be experienced. So during these times, you are needed. Awareness is awakening within the masses on this planet. When you are aware, you can turn into the different frequencies and remember who you are and change the vibratory rate of this universe, and create a massive healing of consciousness on many levels.”

AWAKE then entraps you as synths reminiscent of time ticking by, put you in a trance-like state before the drop immerses you into oblivion.

ACTIVATE propels you further into the cosmos before the celestial voice of Lsdream’s wife Sarah Hudson transports you at lightspeed as you feel as if you’re dancing among the stars on GODSPEED.

Lsdream channels his inner Pink Floyd.

The album then concludes with TIFERET as heavenly atmospheres, and sonic landscapes bring you back down to earth. You get a sense the journey is coming to an end. Then, an otherworldly voice sucks you in one last time before a Pink Floyd like guitar solo blasts you into the divinity.

Lsdream’s Voyager not only captures the essence of today’s psychedelic culture but takes you on an incredible adventure through the cosmos and the consciousness that surrounds each and every one of us. It’s not every day that an electronic album can bring you on a journey similar to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, but Voyager does just that.

Listen to Lsdream’s Voyager on Apple Music or your preferred streaming service!

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