Ganja White Night Gets Wonky With Dark Wobble

There is just something about Ganja White Night’s signature sound that hits just right. It’s hard and heavy, yet wonky, wobbly, and bouncy. Dubstep that you can bop your head too and just vibe. Music that not only resonates at Lost Lands mainstage but the smoke sesh in the back yard with your best buds. Ganja White Night figured out how to take a genre known for heavy, loud, and obnoxious bass and make it groovy, vibey, and full of life without losing that dubstep feel. Of course, the Belgian Duo’s 9th studio album titled Dark Wobble is no different. Released in true GWN fashion on 4/20, Dark Wobble is everything you’d expect it to be and more. It’s dark and wobbly with a spooky cinematic appeal making it GWN’s most impressive project thus far.

Immerse yourself with the Land of Wobble.

Composed of 10 tracks, Dark Wobble invites you into the minds of Ganja White Night as they explore a multitude of musical realms. Whether it’s the middle-eastern feel of Narnia or the dark horror film vibe of Trinity, GWN finds a way to transport you to their mystical world of wobble and wubs. Each track stands powerful and unique by itself, yet together creates an experience like no other. The chill, mesmerizing soundscapes followed by high energetic bass drops keep you on your toes. You soon find yourself drifting deeper and deeper into the void. Just as you think you’ve escaped the land of wobble, the dark undertones displayed on songs like Shipwreck and Master Kush pull you back in as your immersed in the wonky beats and chaotic yet mellow basslines.

Ganja White Night doesn’t miss with the collabs.

The first collab is X Roads with Boogie T. Honestly, is it even a true Ganja White Night album without Boogie? Few artists have the chemistry Ganja and Boogie have. Every time they get on a track together, they create something that pushes the boundaries of EDM. Boogie T’s warm vocals and mind-expanding guitar riffs blast you into psychedelic euphoria.  Then Ganja does what they do best as bouncy rhythmic bass meshes perfectly with the 60s tripped-out style Boogie brings to the table.

Ganja White Night then teams up with Subdocta on The Green Lab as glitchy static bass stimulates all of your senses before heavy gut-punching wubs take control.

Ganja White Night keeps it original while creating something new.

The most impressive aspect of Dark Wobble is GWN’s ability to create something utterly new and progressive in electronic music yet stay so close to their original sound. They found a way to push dubstep forward down a new road of creativity without losing what makes Ganja, Ganja.  Dark wobble is an electrifying and refreshing successor to the Wobble series, and I can’t wait to see how it translates to a live show.

Listen to Ganja White Night’s Dark Wobble on Apple Music or your preferred streaming platform!

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