Illenium Follows Trilogy With Fallen Embers

On Saturday, July, 3rd Illenium made history with the biggest show of his career by becoming the first artist to perform in Las Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium. The Denver future bass legend played a staggering four hours with three different sets. He performed Ashes, Awake, and Ascend, in the historic trilogy event before previewing 20 minutes of new music. Two weeks later, Illenium released Fallen Embers as he looks towards starting the next chapter of his musical journey.

Since the release of Ashes in 2016, Illenium has captivated audiences and fans alike through his emotional, heartfelt soundscapes. Becoming a pioneer for future bass , Illenium rose to EDM stardom by creating timeless and nostalgic music. By turning Ashes into a three-part story of the Pheonix with Awake and Ascend,  he explored all the ups and downs of life, both beautiful and chaotic. Finally, with his fourth studio album, Illenium tells the complete journey of the Phoenix through healing, rebirth, and growth.

Fallen Embers rose through the ashes of quarantine.

When Illenium’s tour came to an abrupt halt due to global lockdowns from the coronavirus, he found himself relieved. Without tour dates or pressure to finish a song, he was able to make music on his terms. “I was happy to have a little bit of a break. And so I’d say that first four months, I went so hard on music just endlessly in the studio… I could just really just let it go and do whatever I wanted, and stuff came together so easily,” He told Steve Baltin of Forbes.  

Illenium represents the healing powers of the Pheonix.

On Fallen Embers Illenium’s mission was to make a record that both he and his fans could find meaning and solace through. Instead of just focusing on the just beauty of life, Illenium chose to confront his emotions head-on. It’s not just the good times or bad times that force you to grow and find healing but the journey all together.

 “Fallen Embers is just looking at the journey of a phoenix ascending. The Phoenix is fire and what that creates is embers. I just thought it was so cool to give those healing powers, the embers themselves, a kind of mystical in its own light. It just doesn’t have to be about the Phoenix but what about it leaves behind. Whether the Phoenix falls or dies, you take the fallen embers of that event and you learn and heal through that.” – Illenium explained in the Fallen Embers trailer.

Fallen Embers is Illenium’s most cohesive record yet.

Consisting of 14 tracks and featuring over 20 artists, Illenium once again blurred the lines between electronic music and pop-punk. Combining euphoric and emotionally driven future bass soundscapes with soul-searching lyrical content, Illenium was able to push the boundaries of his sound even further. From teaming up with Excision on In my Mind to working with his good friend Emma Grace on the heartfelt closer Brave Soul, Illenium proved just how far he has grown as a producer.

Listen to Illenium’s Fallen Embers on Apple Music or your preferred streaming service!

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