Dirt Monkey Defies Genres with Depolarize Album

Emerging from the Denver bass scene, Patrick Megeath, who goes by the name Dirt Monkey, has been pushing the boundaries of electronic music for nearly a decade. With an invigorating bouncy style of dubstep, Dirt Monkey pulls inspiration from a multitude of genres. Since Turn Up The Ride in 2012, his innovating sound has become a staple in the bass community. The Boulder-based producer started off making instrumental hip-hop and breakbeat before diving headfirst into dubstep. So it is not surprising that Dirt Monkey cannot be defined by a single genre. His 6th studio album Depolaraize further pushes his revolutionary sound as he challenges the status quo of what we know as bass music.

Depolarize is a product of quarantine

Released on September 24th, Deploarize consists of an impressive 14 tracks. Filled with swingy basslines, bouncy drops, and groovy melodies, the album showcases Dirt Monkey’s remarkable evolution as a producer. With the music industry shut down due to the coronavirus, The boulder dubstep DJ had time to deeply explore other genres and strange sounds and incorporate them into the record.  Dirt Monkey even shows his comedic side and makes light of pandemic regulations with the third track, Quarantine Slap featuring Mista Movie.

Dirt Monkey reveals his best productions yet

As I stated before, Dirt Monkey is no stranger to dabbling in other genres. Depolarize pushes that narrative even further. He is able to incorporate immersive sounds from all styles of electronic music and mold them into one dubstep record. The seventh track Mr. Squeezy is a bass house banger, while Jooby Truth’s vocals over Shine will make any hip-hop head mean mug in astonishment. With the reggae sounds of Deploarize and Herbalizm, He creates a vibey danceable form of dubstep.

Depolarize represents the direction of dubstep

With artists like Dirt Monkey, Griz, and Ganja White nIght leading the front, dubstep is taking on an entirely new form. While heavy-hitting bass is still prevalent, these artists are able to add groovy soundscapes creating an altogether new sound.

Listen to Dirt Monkey’s Deploarize on Apple Music or your preferred streaming platform!

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