Tripp St. Transcends Time and Space With Different Worlds

On March 5th, 2021, amid a global pandemic, the elusive bass producer Tripp St. silently stirred up a frenzy with his debut album Welcome to Tripp St. With a soulful hip-hop-inspired take on electronic music, Tripp St. captivated fellow artists and fans alike as the bass world pondered who was behind the mask. Six months later, the identity of the anonymous producer is still unknown while his sophomore album Different Worlds takes the electronic scene by storm.

Different Worlds is a Journey Through Sound

Released on October 22nd on Clozee’s Odyzey Label, Different Worlds showcases the extraordinary creativity Tripp St. puts into each track. Tripp St transports listeners into new dimensions, filled with celestial worlds, beautiful melodies, and mind-melting funk. Each track flows like running water as your worries wash away like sand on a cosmic beach. The journey itself is a deep and beautiful exploration of sounds and frequencies as Tripp St. proves how powerful music can be.

Tripp St. Combines His Life Influences into one Sound

When speaking of the process of creating the album, Tripp St. explained, “Different Worlds is inspired by my life growing up. I’ve had a lot of different influences that have stuck with me over time, and I tried to convey that in the music. Your influences come from your surroundings, so everyone has their own unique perspective. – I think about that a lot while I’m making music, so I stay true to myself and what I Know.”

The artistry Tripp St. displays on Different worlds is unmatched as he combines glitch-hop-inspired tracks with funky soundscapes and enticing bass. The 12 track LP is one of those records that need to be listened to from front to back in order to fully appreciate the experience.

A Promising Direction for Electronic Music

Tripp St.’s success with both his albums proves that you don’t need to follow the generic “hit-making model” to make it in electronic music. Different Worlds is unique, engaging, imaginative, and authentic. If more and more artists take chances like Tripp St., the potential for the scene is uncapped.

Listen to Tripp St.’s Different Worlds on Apple Music or you’re preferred streaming platform.

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