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Rezz Alters Reality With Third Album Spiral

by Tyrone Basket

Rezz who’s real name is Isabelle Rezazadeh, has always been an artist that stands out amongst the rest. Since she first broke into the scene, the Canadian superstar has captivated audiences with spellbinding bass and an alluring mystique. The fluorescent spiraling goggles fit perfectly into her distinct sound as she effortlessly combines hard techno with midtempo bass. Her music is deep, dark, and chaotic, yet she hypnotizes festival crowds like a soaring UFO with each and every drop. Her third studio album titled Spiral not only pushes the envelope of her sound but showcases her artistry and versatility as a producer.

Spiral is Rezz’s Most Complete Work Yet

Released on November 19th Spiral is the most complete record of Rezz’s career. The 11 track album features artists like PEEKABOO, Dove Cameron, Fortress of Graves, yet truly accentuates Rezz’s sound and style. Full of dark and wondrous basslines and eerie yet catchy vocals, Rezz takes her listeners on a spirally trip down the rabbit hole.

Rezz Gets Melodic

Rezz has always been known for mesmerizing soundscapes and beautiful yet ominous bass. Her music is an instrumental journey as she lets her production speak for itself. She rarely used vocals and she never needed to. Her sound was always uniquely hers. However, what’s an artist if they don’t push themselves out of their comfort zone? On Spiral, for the first time, Rezz relied on vocals throughout the record and, in doing so, created something magical. Whether it’s Paper Walls featuring Metric or Let me In with fknsyd, each vocal beautifully compliments Rezz’s signature style.

Rezz Stays True to Her Sound

Although Spiral is the most vocally heavy record in her discography, Rezz still manages to give fans a familiar taste. “This specific album, it’s definitely a lot more broad, to the point where I’m sure some fans are going to be like, “I miss the old REZZ.” But I made sure to sprinkle in a lot of original kind of sounding REZZ songs as well. It’s like, half the vocal songs that are me testing myself and then the rest of are very much comfortable and familiar to my original audience,” she told Billboard.

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