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AVELLO Talks Releasing on Subsidia, Inspirations, and More

by Tyrone Basket

It is no secret that we are emerging on a special era of bass music. From freeform bass to melodic dubstep, artists are breaking down the boundaries and tearing down the walls of what electronic music can be. When it comes to future bass Adam Lawrence who goes by the name AVELLO is one of those artists who is pushing that envelope. 

Representing Flordia, AVELLO has been busy making strides in the bass scene. While he has only been producing for three years, his discography resembles that of a seasoned producer. From massive singles to releasing a track on Excision’s Subsida Dawn Vol. 4, AVELLO’s sound is invigorating and refreshing. Whether he’s making bass-heavy bangers such as Levitate or creating euphoric soundscapes like Bliss, AVELLO puts pure emotion and feeling into every one of his productions. 

The Daily Frequency had the opurtunity to sit down with the Florida producer to discuss, his inspirations, music production, and more.

Check out the full interview below!

When did you get into music? Has it been something that has always been a part of your life, or is it something you found as you got older?

I’ve always had a passion for music. When I was in elementary school, before iPods were around, I’d carry the printed lyrics to my favorite songs in my pocket (usually All Star by Smashmouth or Jumper by Third Eye Blind). If I wanted to hear the song during the day, then I’d pull the lyrics out and sing it in my head. It wasn’t until freshman year of college, about three years ago, that I dove into production.

If there was one song or artist that inspired you to get into electronic music, what would it be and why?

Illenium, without a doubt. During my senior year of high school (2017-2018), Illenium’s sophomore album “Awake” was released, and it completely changed my perspective of what electronic music could be. The vocals, production, and emotion of those tracks were unlike anything I had ever heard. I was immediately interested in the magic behind them. Those tracks expressed emotions that I could never put into words, and that has been the goal for my own music since day one.

You had an incredible 2021. From massive singles, including a track on Excision’s Subsidia Records, and offering support to artists like Jantsen. How did it feel to come out of the pandemic with such a huge year? 

Honestly, I feel so grateful for not giving up in the beginning. During the first year or two of my production journey, I was incredibly overwhelmed. I had no prior musical knowledge or experience, and Ableton is extremely difficult to jump into. Every few months, I would sit down, produce a terrible track, close my laptop and move on, thinking, “this just isn’t for me.” One day, I decided that this was for me, and I wasn’t going to stop until I learned music production. It feels great to see the hard work beginning to pay off. I’m so thankful to my friends, family, and listeners for supporting me. I’m also excited for what the next couple of years have in store because we’re just getting started. 

Although you just recently started releasing music, you have an extensive and impressive discography. What fuels your work ethic and your ability to consistently put out such massive tracks? 

I really appreciate that! The thing that keeps me going the most, over streams, playing shows, etc., is that feeling I get when starting a new project, and I can tell it’s going to be one of my best tracks. I’m always chasing that feeling. 

It’s so much fun for me to sit down with a blank slate and express myself. After a productive session, I feel so refreshed and focused. It’s almost like a meditation when I get into the flow. My production process is also very rapid when I find myself in the zone. From the empty Ableton project to the mix and mastered track, most of my solo releases were finished in just a few days. 

Not only have you released your own music, but you put together a remix EP for your track Coming Back. How was the process of finding artists like Barlow and James to both expand on and complement your vision for the song?

The process was actually incredibly smooth, and the remixes from that compilation blew me away! I announced the remix contest on Instagram and immediately had interest from my peers. As it happens, Barlow and I actually both attend Florida State University. We were connected by a mutual friend through Instagram. James and I, too, connected through Instagram via a melodic bass production group chat. Skye Silansky’s vocals in “Coming Back” are absolutely gorgeous, which drew attention from remixers. 

I really love your sound. Whether you make something heavy, melodic, or uplifting, you can tell you put a lot of emotion into your productions. Is this something that you focus on?

Thank you so much for saying that! The emotion is something that I focus on more than anything. It’s definitely a key element in every track. I usually start off my projects with piano chords or guitar, and I don’t continue with the production until the basic chords have me feeling something. I want my projects to be expressive of my own emotions and connect with listeners on a deeper level.

What can your fans expect as you take on 2022?

Lately, I have had a huge focus on collaborations with vocalists and other producers. Most of these tracks are scheduled for release in 2022, but some may be pushed to 2023 as well. I’m excited to be working with some incredibly talented artists! I’ve recently accepted management from Peter Hanna, and we have major things in store for the project. Live performances are going to be a focus this year, as well as shooting for label releases. I’m also striving to avoid falling into a genre category this year. The goal is to meld future bass/melodic dub, dubstep, and experimental bass into a single genre. I really feel that these genres are moving towards a singular crossover sound. Overall, my supporters can expect consistent releases, live shows, and a more refined version of my style as I develop my sound. 

Lastly, If you can accomplish one thing with your music career, what would it be and why? 

Honestly, I want to put emotions into music that words cannot easily express. Even if it is something that no one else hears or relates to, I know that part of myself is in that song. 

Thank you for your time and the opportunity to share a little bit about my story!

You can listen to AVELLO on Apple Music or your prefered streaming platform!

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