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Manic Focus Soars Through Time With ‘Future Flux’ EP

by Tyrone Basket

Although we are just three months into 2022, it has already been a massive year for the legendary bass producer known as Manic Focus. At the beginning of January, he released Coastline Mind Volume I. Filled with smooth jazzy soundscapes, piano riffs, and lo-fi beats, Manic Focus showcased his ability to hit both sides of the bass music spectrum. Now just two months later the Twin City producer is back dropping a brand new project that’s more akin to his signature sound yet surprisingly new and exciting.

Released on March 11, through Liquid Stranger‘s Wakaan label Future Flux, is a five-track EP that carries a polished yet magnetic style of bass. Filled with intricate sounds, and mind-melting soundscapes the record sounds as if Manic Focus traveled to the future himself and brought back new styles and elements to incorporate into his music.

Manic Focus Teams Up With Two Rising Producers

To complement his new sonic vision, Manic Focus teamed up with Ahee and K+Lab. His collaboration with Ahee titled Bonkers is exactly what the track titled implies. Starting off with a soft and easy steady beat Bonkers lulls you into a dream-like trance before the chaotic drop blasts you into the stratosphere. The track with K+Lab titled Right To Left takes hip-hop-inspired styles to create a heavy yet bouncy experience. Filled with a funkadelic type of energy you won’t be able to resist bopping your head or even moving your feet to the beat.

Future Flux Is Manic Focus’s Heaviest Project Yet

While each track is blessed with Manic Focus’s signature touch it is without a doubt the heaviest project in his repertoire. Inspired by the new sounds of today’s bass music Manic Focus takes his musical style in a new direction that is both new and familiar.

“This EP is an exploration into the heavier side of the Manic Focus vision. In recent years, I have performed with many Wakaan artists, and their styles have inspired me to dive deeper into sound design and arrangement to create exciting synths and textures that I haven’t previously included in my compositions. Future Flux is my journey through the heavier side of my mind, and my optimism for mankind’s ability to change and grow in a positive way through difficult times. I think it’s important to head into the future with optimism, armed with knowledge, balance, and the ability to let go and rage through the moments that hinder our growth as individuals. I had a blast creating these tunes, and playing them live for my fans has been an amazing experience.” Manic Focus Explained.

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