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Mystic Grizzly Journeys To Sacred Realms With ‘Jaguar Medicine’

by Tyrone Basket

In early March, Jordan Hoffman, known as Mystic Grizzly, announced to the electronic world that he would be taking his talents over to CloZee’s label, Odyzey Music. Not only would he be joining forces with one of the most prominent artists in the experimental bass scene, but the two of them together will release his sophomore album titled Jaguar Medicine. Now, not even a month later, Jaguar Medicine has officially dropped and serves as Mystic Grizzly’s most mind-expanding project yet.

Mystic Grizzly Opens Portals With His Signature Sound

Released on April 8th, the eight-track EP not only embodies Mystic Grizzly’s signature sound but pushes it further than it has ever been before. By incorporating vast psychedelic undertones, shamanic chants, downtempo beats, and mind-melting soundscapes, the Florida producer takes listeners on a cosmic journey like no other. Like a shaman guiding his followers into the unknown, Mystic Grizzly opens up new portals of consciousness before blasting you into the void. With genre-bending sound design, worldly instrumentation, harmonic melodies, and captivating drum work Jaguar Medicine is a beautiful and mesmerizing exploration of space and time. Whether he is putting you in a dreamlike trance with Bodhi Svaha or enticing your senses with the blissed-out bass on New Horizons Mystic Grizzly’s sophomore album will take you to otherworldly dimensions as you’re doused in euphoria. 

Jaguar Medicine Offers A Sense Of Healing

As the leader of the Manifest Gang, Mystic Grizzly has always aimed to help his listeners heal through powerful psychedelic frequencies. With Jaguar Medicine, he does just that. By taking inspiration from his own spiritual journeys and interpreting cosmic portals he’s explored himself, he has created a healing and meditative sonic experience. In an Instagram post, he explained the nature of Jaguar Medicine by stating, “These songs have taken years to compile due to each one being written as an expression of true self-healing over the last several years of my journey, also inspired by natural environments from different earth portals.” 

Listen to Mystic Grizzly’s Jaguar Medicine on Apple Music or your preferred streaming platform.

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