Tiedye Ky Pours Out Soul On Sophmore Album Hound

In a world so chaotic, it can be challenging to be so vulnerable. On tiedye ky’s sophomore album titled Hound, he not only wears his heart on his sleeve but taps into a collective consciousness and harsh truth filled with anxieties, heartbreak, and substance use that plagues not only the electronic scene but this generation. Known as the “loverboy” of bass, the Philly artist exposes the inner workings of his mind and paints vivid pictures of his emotions through poetic words, sounds, and vibrations. Expanding on the deep and in tune concepts of Baby Blue and The Super Moon, tiedye ky opens his heart up even more on Hound and delivers his most concise and relatable project to date.

Hound Is More Than An Electronic Album

Released on May 6th, Hound goes well beyond the constructs of an electronic record. While the tracklist features bass heavyweights like Wreckno, G -Space, Ruku, and Potions, Hound leans much more into an indie alternative record with electronic sounds perfectly complementing tiedye ky’s vision. With hypnotic guitar work, ambient soundscapes, and poetic lyricism, Hound takes listeners on a psychedelic journey to the center of themselves and their emotions. Exploring everything from insecurities to fleeting love tiedye ky serves as a reminder that it is perfectly okay to feel every emotion, and in fact, it is the only way to truly heal.

The Symbolism Of Hound

The symbolism of Hound is evident throughout the entire record. Painting himself as the protagonist, tiedye ky tells a story of the trials and tribulations he must endure as he searches for true love. Comparing himself to a love hound, tiedye ky will walk to the ends of the earth to feel the freeing energy of love, and even though he falls and experiences heartbreak, he marches on. “Why am I such a hound for you? And like dogs do, I’m howling at the moon, I’m crying. Chew your favorite things, all broken
Down, I’m spiraling,” he sings on the opening chorus of Hound 4 You.

Distraught and in disarray, he battles lost love and rejection before experiencing a glimmer of hope. On Everything Is Ok!, he repeatedly exclaims from distorted voices to singing that “everything is going to be okay.” That no matter how bad it gets, how lost you become everything is okay and everything will be okay in the end. It is clear that love is the driving force of inspiration behind Hound. Whether he is comparing the high of love to a ketamine trip on Keta Me n’ U and u or fighting for a broken love on Not 2 Late tiedye ky explores every up and down that comes with searching for love.

Tiedye Ky Serves As An Example Of The Talent In The Bass Scene

Hound not only shows how in tune tiedye ky is with himself and his emotions but serves as an example of how talented the bass scene has become. Burdened with the stereotype that DJs just push a button, artists like tiedye ky are proving that they are more than just producers, they are true musicians who are consistently creating new sounds and exploring unchartered possibilities. As boundaries continue to be pushed it’s becoming more and more evident the bass scene is in a revolutionary period.  Records like Hound not only embody the current state of bass but represent the unmatched creativity of the scene as a whole.

Overall, Hound is a beautiful exploration of the most potent drug of them all, love. tie dye ky ventures deep into his emotions and shows the world that it is okay to be vulnerable. Love is not easy, it is hard, which is why it can be so rewarding. Whether you are a bass fan or not, Hound is undoubtedly a must-listen.

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