DeeZ Unleashes Hip-Hop Heavy Heater ‘Rinse’

It is no secret that hip-hop as a whole was founded on raw emotion and pure artistic expression. Everything from the words to the rhythm and sound structure paints a vivid picture in the minds of the listener and creates a unique, unmatched energy. When the Boston bass producer known as DeeZ sat down to write Rinse off his brand new Street Ritual Ep titled Precursor, he not only took inspiration from the styles of hip-hop but captured that raw emotion and feeling with a reckoning force. Taking those hip-hop elements and perfectly blending them with electronic sounds and ethereal bass DeeZ has created a track that’s both elegant and prolific.

Out now, Rinse draws you in immediately with upbeat airy bass before distorted vocals over grimey soundscapes take you on a journey like no other. Not only did DeeZ perfectly blend hip hop and electronic sounds in a captivating way, but he has proved that you don’t need heavy in-your-face beats to produce a “banger.” The subtle hip-hop ambiance of the track, paired with the elements of glitch and dubstep, stimulates your senses in a way that keeps your head knocking and your ears yearning for more.

“When I wrote Rinse, I was listening to a lot of rap and wanted to make something that was an electronic expression of the emotions I was feeling through the music’” DeeZ explained. In addition to that, I had been thinking a lot about the concept of a “banger” that wasn’t super heavy. It’s a blend of hip-hop beats and neuro sound design with heavily processed vocals over the top. One of my favorites to date, I hope everyone digs it!”

You can listen to Rinse and the full Precurser Ep Here!

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