[Listen] TVBOO Gets High Off New Single ‘MaryWana’ With Boogie T & bawldy

Dubstep’s favorite funny man, TVBOO, doesn’t always smoke the sticky icky, but when he does, he ends up making bangers with the homies. Following Bass Music with GRiZ, TVBOO reaches out to his good friends Boogie T and bawldy for the second single off Blue Collar Bass, MaryWana.

Released today, September 13th through Wakaan, MaryWana is a heady blend of rasta beats, Boogie T Vocals, tripped out guitars and of course those wonky wubz that may or may not melt you mind. Whether you blazin’ in the backseat of you car, jammin out in a backyard smoakshesh or vibing in the crowd on the Blue Collar Bass Tour, MaryWana is without a doubt the newest anthem for stoners and bass heads alike.

Listen to TVBOO’s MaryWana with Boogie T +bauldy below.

You can stream MaryWana HERE!

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