JWILLI Captures Nostalgic Bliss With ‘Where Do We Go’

JWILLI is back with yet another emotionally driven anthem that will undoubtedly hit you right in the feels. Where Do We Go was released today, September 16th, through one of Chicago’s most promising new record labels in Ex Medias. Perfectly blending elements of melodic bass and progressive house, the Chicago DJ and producer expands his sound in ways we have yet to see before.

Through wistful melodies and euphoric soundscapes, JWILLI immediately draws you in as the angelic vocals take you through an overwhelming journey of nostalgic bliss. By channeling pure, raw emotion JWILLI is able to perfectly capture the essence of uncertainty in a way that’s both joyous and beautifully sorrow. Whether it is a good thing coming to an end or the start of something new, there is always that one question… “Where Do We Go?”

Overall, JWILLI’s Where Do We Go is more than just a beautiful track but stands for something we can all relate to and is an absolute must-listen.

Check out the full track below.

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