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King Joe Transmits New Frequencies With Downtempo Sound

by Tyrone Basket

As the earth completes its orbit around the sun and the new year begins, a certain vibration radiates throughout the planet. Representing rebirth, a new year brings forth new opportunities for growth and spiritual change. For the Philly-born, now Florida- based producer, King Joe, gravitating into 2023 means releasing his old sound and creating something entirely new. 

With his latest tunes Passing By and Single One, King Joe puts his reign in deep dub on hold and sets his sights on a new vision filled with emotionally sound downtempo beats. There’s a “new vision, new sounds, new stories I want to tell,” King Joe Stated. “I have this vision of playing downtempo sets and putting big healing energy into places we gather in.”

Passing By captures the fleeting stream of consciousness we call time. King Joe uses sonic frequencies and ethereal soundscapes to place you in the present moment while memories, lessons, and experiences pass you by. 

Single One then takes you on a healing journey through the cosmos as celestial beats raise your vibration in a profoundly comforting way. These two tracks not only represent King Joe’s new downtempo vision but will be part of a grander project in the Coding Frequencies EP dropping later this year. 

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