[Listen] Zack Hersh Travels Through Uncharted Realms With ‘Voxels’

Painting colors with sound, rising experimental producer Zack Hersh takes listeners on a mind-bending journey through the multi-verse with his latest single, Voxels. Released today, March 10, Voxels combines glitched-out soundscapes and pixelated tones of rhythm, which flow together in perfect synchronicity.

As the track begins, airy synths layered over celestial vocal chops allow your conscious mind to unwind as you’re transported into a state of ecstasy. Then, while you find yourself floating through time, intoxicating melodies and dreamy voices unravel reality around you. Overall, Voxels is a truly epic sonic presentation and an absolute must-listen. Zack Hersh not only displays his impeccable ability as a producer but proves his undeniable creativity as an artist and, in doing so, has uncovered seemingly unlimited possibilities with sound. 

Photo courtesy of Joshua Hennessee

You can stream Voxels HERE!

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