EDDIE Manifests Otherworldly Bass on ‘Onzeker Kraft Vol.1’

Unraveling the fabric of reality with ominous bass, the rising DJ and producer EDDIE captivates bass fans around the world with his sophomore EP, Onzeker Kraft Vol. 1. Released on Friday, March 17, through Rezz’s Hypnovision, Onzeker Kraft Vol. 1. is filled with genre-bending soundscapes, moody basslines, and emotion-fueled melodies that stimulate your senses for a mind-melting sonic experience. 

Spanning across five tracks, the Australian bass phenom leads listeners through a boundless journey through sound filled with twists and turns at every drop. Utilizing everything from distorted bass to slow-burning builds and hypnotizing beats,  EDDIE has not only created the most prolific release of his career but has pushed the boundaries of bass music with his forward-thinking sound. 

Quite simply, this is the most effort I’ve put into a project. It’s got a heavy festival trippy feel to it with sprinkles of melodic sections and emotive vocals. I couldn’t be more hyped for everyone to get down to this new era of the EDDIE sound,” EDDIE explained. 

You can stream  Onzeker Kraft Vol. 1. HERE!

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