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HALIENE Blesses Fans With ‘Heavenly (Divine Edition)’

by Tyrone Basket

Known for her angelic vocals and profoundly emotional and deep lyricism songstress, HALIENE has been captivating EDM fans with collaborations with artists like Illenium, Seven Lions, Armin Van Burren, and more. On August 26, 2022, she was finally able to tell her own story with her debut album Heavenly which launched her into an even higher stratosphere of success. Now in 2023, the acclaimed singer has returned to Black Hole Recordings to bless fans with the Heavenly (Divine Edition).

Released on Friday, March 24, the Divine Edition showcases an abundance of Heavenly remixes from artists like Last Heroes, Craig Connelly, Crankdat, Nifra, Crystal Skies, MaRLo, Nikademis, Awakend, and Markus Schulz. In addition HALIENE throws in three brand-new tracks in  Hollow feat. Elephante, Reach Across The Sky (Ben Gold Remix), and Glass Heart (Acoustic).  

Not only does the Heavenly (Divine Edition) expand on the sacred spirit of Heavenly but expresses her story in a new light. “Heavenly explores the nature of transcendent identity and the power of music to heal and move us. The songs were written to stand on their own,  outside the trappings of any one production sound or style. The Divine Edition further captures the spiritual essence of what I set out to do in Heavenly, by expanding the genres in which the songs get to live. I have always seen the remixes of my original songs as new collaborations. As I work with other incredible producers, my songs can have different expressions, highlighting new colors of themselves, allowing my music to live in multiple genres at once,” Hailene Explained. 

You can listen to the Heavenly (Divine Edition) HERE!

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