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Bannie of Night Tales Talks Debut Single, Going Solo, & More

by Tyrone Basket

Life is not about the destination. It’s about the journey. We focus so much on reaching that one goal and getting to that end that we take the experiences, hardships, and achievements we encounter along the way for granted and, in turn, miss the point all along. In actuality life is a musical thing, and we’re supposed to dance while the music is being played. For Aaron Bannie of Night Tales, going solo and starting the Bannie project is not about adding another accolade to his already impressive resume but embracing a new sound and creating house music that truly sets you free.

After putting so much of himself, his pains, and emotions into Night Tales’ 2022 debut album Proof, the UK-born producer sees the Bannie project as an opportunity to simply have fun. “I’m not hiding behind a mask anymore. With this new front-facing solo project, I wanted to showcase a more fun, feel-good, playful & accessible side of my music production. Most importantly, I just want to have fun with this.” Bannie explained.

Released today, April, 7, Bannie’s debut single, I’ve Got The Feeling, is filled with bright melodies and vibrant house beats designed to make you feel alive. Radiating positivity through its hypnotic rhythm, the track serves as a reminder to live your life, follow your dreams, and, most importantly, dance when the music is being played.

Ahead of the release, The Daily Frequency had the opportunity to sit down with Bannie, to discuss his debut single, the journey, and so much more.

Check out the full interview below.

DF: I love your new track, I’ve Got The Feeling. It really takes you back to the real purpose of house music which, in my opinion, is to let go and have fun. What would you say made you gravitate toward the more playful side of house music?

Bannie: Thank you for the love. It’s an ode to 90s house music which I really loved growing up back in the UK. Also, as mentioned previously, it’s that my Bannie project is a nice departure away from Night Tales, which is really emotional and deep. Creating for Night Tales is very insular and sometimes painful (in a good way). Bannie project is really easy, accessible, fun dance music. I just want people to play press and get lost in the feeling and goodness. 

DF: Would you say the more playful, carefree side of electronic music is just as important as the more emotionally expressive side?

Bannie: I feel both have their places. Some people love to connect to the deep stuff as it resonates and helps them heal. The fun stuff is simply pleasure and positive escapism. 

DF: With Night Tales’ debut album Proof, you and Kamaliza Salamba aimed to bridge the gap between electronic music and urban culture. In a world full of judgment, do you think the feel-good, fun vibes of the Bannie project can inspire people to not just let loose and come out of their shells on the dancefloor but within life in general?

Bannie: Yeah, I believe so, and that was part of my motivation. To write fun feel, good music which can inspire & motivate people to go live the life they deserve. Hopefully, this inspires people to be their true authentic self and, go after the life they deserve, and be loving and kind to others. 

DF: You have a remarkably inspiring story overcoming everything from illnesses to surgeries, heartbreak, and more, all while pursuing music. Were there any instances where you felt like giving up? If so, how did you pull yourself out of it and move forward?

Bannie: Yeah, I had a rough few years from 2016-19. But I’m pretty stubborn & rebellious when people tell me what I cannot do. Drs advise slow recovery, but that just ignited a burning desire to really dive into my music production and writing. Because I know life can be taken away at any moment, I write every day regardless of how great or bad the music is. I never take this gift for granted. That ethos definitely helped me through my recovery and has led to all the great output of music over the past few years. 

DF: How does it feel now that you have found all of this well-deserved success with Night Tales after going through everything you’ve been through? Is there anything about your journey you would change?

Bannie: I wouldn’t change a thing about our journey. It’s literally like something out of a movie (something we’re already documenting for). The struggles, the rejections, the promises, being stranded in the US for three months mid-pandemic, then securing the right manager in Harrison Bamel, which led to signing with one of the biggest agencies in the world with CAA. Then leading to signing with Prime Artists Management. Then relocating to LA (where we reside now). Signing our 1st major record deal with Ultra Records & Sony Music, to playing at major festivals here in the US like Electric Zoo, Electric Forest, Okeechookee, Bonnaroo, Hang Out, etc. It’s been a journey and a dream. But we didn’t get this far, to get this far. We keep growing & striving to give the world get amazing music & stories. 

DF: With all the success this past year, do you find anything daunting about stepping out as a solo artist?

Bannie: I think the success – through hard work and lots of setbacks has given me the experience & confidence to be able to release this music into the world. I’ve been through this process before, so hopefully, I can take those learnings into my new project. 

DF: You recently posted on Instagram, stating, “I don’t chase, I attract. What belongs to me will simply find me.” Would you say this perspective is something you always believed in, or is it something you learned and worked on and come to realize through life situations?

Bannie: Wow, great stalk! Yeah, through my life experiences, I’ve really found that was it is meant to stay in your life will stay. Other moments & encounters, whether they be short & long, they are all meaningful in some way. They can pull you off track, and with that, life becomes painful until you navigate back onto your true path. I find when you are truly aligned with your heart & your purpose, things just really seem to work out & everything falls into place, even when, at times, you feel it isn’t

DF: Are there any specific practices you do to stay grounded and in that abundant state of mind?

Bannie: Yes. Just being thankful and expressing gratitude for the gift/skill of music. I get to make & perform music for a living. I’m one of those lucky people that can say I truly love what I do. 

DF: When listening to your music, whether it’s Third Floor, Night Tales, and even with the fun vibe of the Bannie project, you get a sense of vulnerability, honesty, and raw emotion within your productions. Where do you think your ability to truly express yourself and connect so deeply to your sound comes from?

Bannie: I think as an artist & what I’ve done with my previous bodies of work, as you mentioned, is that I’m able to express sides of my personality that are maybe more difficult to express in real life. Music is a platform where I can better express being vulnerable, being able to articulate my feelings more clearly, and have the courage to stand up and say how I feel. It’s also helped me emotionally in real life too. 

DF: Lastly, if there was one thing you could be remembered for as an artist and producer, what would it be and why?

Bannie: Another great question. I’d love for people to feel that I always wrote from the heart & that, in some way, my music has had a positive effect for the listener. Music is so powerful, and it has the power to heal, so I hope I’ve contributed in that small way.

You can stream I’ve Got the Feeling HERE!

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