Night Tales Reaches Beyond Music With Debut Album ‘Proof’

Every once in a while, a record comes along that proves dance music can be more than just music. Reaching beyond a groovy drum pattern or catchy melody, there are artists that put out bodies of work that not only stand for something but create an undeniable feeling of emotion and connectivity. When the rising Australian dance duo known as Night Tales recorded their debut album Proof, they created a record that does just that.

Released on October 7 through Ultra Records, Proof consists of 12 unique tracks designed to stimulate your senses and take you on a journey through euphoric bliss. Exploring everything from R&B, progressive house, and electronica, Night Tales has figured out a way to pull elements from various genres to curate a style of dance music that’s uniquely their own.

Nights Tales Aims To Bridge The Gap Between Dance Music and Urban Culture

When Aussie producers Aaron Bannie and Kamaliza Salambal joined forces to create Night Tales, their mission was simple. Not only did they want to bridge the gap between the electronic music scene and urban culture, but looked to solidify the notion that people of color can be a prominent part of dance culture. With the Night Tales project as a whole and their debut album Proof, the duo aims to create a safe space for diversity and inclusivity in dance music. 

 “It’s about identity. Growing up as a Black child, the only people I saw that were in positions of entertainment were either in basketball or some type of sports, hip-hop, and R&B. There are millions of Black kids out there that have different emotions they want to express, but they maybe feel like they’re being judged or it’s not what their culture would typically do.” Night Tales explained in a recent interview with EDM Maniac. Electronic music says “welcome, come join us. Feel comfortable, feel safe,” whereas hip-hop has that arms-length mentality of “No new friends, Imma do me. Imma get to the bag. For us, that’s what bridging the gap is.”

Proof Stands as An Exploration of Human Emotion

On top of standing as a precedent for urban culture in dance music, Night Tales uses Proof to connect deeply to the human spirit of emotions through real-life stories and relatable concepts. Whether they’re exploring the pain of heartbreak on Promises or the crushing loneliness of the pandemic on Thinking About You, the duo creates feelings through sound that are equally compassionate and healing in nature. 

Night Tales Showcases Their Songwriting Abilities

More than just producers, Night Tales doubles down on their singing and songwriting abilities. It is not just the moving melodies and dreamy soundscapes that create the blissful and mesmerizing ambiance of the record but their ability to capture emotion with deep lyricism and vocal work.

On Pheonix, Night Tales urges listeners to find light in the darkest of times as Bannie recites, “come out of the dark, in through the fire. It’s not too far, feel the desire.” On Be Mine, the duo perfectly captures the essence of lost love with lyrics like “I thought we were strong, I thought, we belonged, but now love is gone.”

Throughout Proof, Night Tales explores feelings of love, loss, vulnerability, and redemption in a way that’s beautiful, thought-provoking, and inspiring. While each track out stands out in its own way, there is an underlining theme of capturing the human condition spread throughout. 

Proof Creates New Sounds of Nostalgia

With sensational synth work and an incredible ability to take you on a journey with their productions, Night Tales merges the old with the new to create a sound that pushes the boundaries of dance music while exuberating an overwhelming sense of nostalgia. From the breathtaking vibes of Patience to the heartfelt cover of Lovesong by The Cure, Proof is a sonic expression that will both move your emotions and light up any dance floor.

Stream Proof by Night Tales HERE!

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