Claude VonStroke Induces Chaos With ‘Penguin Hit Squad Remix’

Penguin Hit Squad remix

When it comes to house heaters that defined Dirtybird’s 2022 season, you can’t ignore the electrifying sounds of n808 and Mike Kerrigan’s Penguin Hit Squad. That being said, it’s only right that the bossman himself, Claude VonStroke flips the eccentric dance-heavy hit with that signature VonStroke flair. 

Released today, April 14, the Penguin Hit Squad (Claude VonStroke Remix) blends the mischievous dark house energy of the original track with the riveting nature of VonStroke’s underground sound. The 6-minute sonic adventure begins with a mesmerizing build as repeating drum loops pull you in and slowly amplify your pre-drop anticipation. Then just as you’re captured by the beat, vibrating basslines and boisterous melodies catapult you into complete and utter chaos. 

“I played the shit out of the original so much that I had to make a remix so I could keep playing it!” VonStroke explained. “Here’s to Mike Kerrigan and n808, a big part of the next generation Dirtybird.”

To celebrate this epic release, n808 and Mike Kerrigan will be performing at Audio Night Club in San Fransisco on Saturday, April 15, as part of EMPIRE’s 415 Night, where they’ll be joined by the Dirtybird flock and a very special guest.

Penguin Hit Squad remix

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