Daktyl and Benni Ola Return to Young Art Records With ‘Say No More’

After ripping through the fabric of reality and opening portals of sound with Matrix, Daktyl and Benni Ola have returned to TOKIMONSTA’s Young Art Records with their latest track, Say No More. Released on Friday, April 21, the track serves as the second single from the duo’s forthcoming EP series Chaos Theory dropping on May 19. 

While Matrix explored dark house-inspired soundscapes and driving lo-fi beats, Say No More integrates crispy percussion, distorted vocals, and glitched-out elements of hip-hop. Staying true to the ominous theme of the first single, Daktyl and Benni are able to tune into dark frequencies and static sounds that take your mind on a trip you won’t forget.

Say No More starts with haunting vocals akin to an ancient tribal chant which sets the tone for the track. Then, as you find yourself lost in the rising tension, Benni Ola’s voice manifests as a wistful rapper effortlessly flowing over the beat, creating a sonic experience that will surely push you deep into the void. 

Along with the release, the duo brought the track to life with the Say No More Music Video, which you can check out below. 

You can stream Say No More HERE!

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