Body Ocean Rides the Sonic Tides of Time With ‘Dotted Line’

Body Ocean, the dynamic duo composed of drum and bass legends Nik Roos and Jeremy Glenn, have joined forces with Dirtybird Records to bring you their latest project, Dotted Line. Released on Friday, April 28, the two-track EP showcases the duo’s unique and enticing style while embracing that wonky, percussion-driven Dirtybird sound. 

While alone, the two tracks hit on opposite sides of the spectrum, but when paired together, they flow through the waves of sound in perfect synchronicity. The title track Dotted Line blends slow-burning rhythm and beat-driven melodies layered over a myriad of hypnotic drum loops. Yes, Sir then displays a softer approach as the upbeat percussion transforms into dreamy soundscapes that drift you away into a deep state of euphoria. 

You can stream Dotted Line By Body Ocean HERE!

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