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GRiZ Unloads the Arsenal Before Break With the ‘ID Bible’

by Tyrone Basket

It’s been quite a ride since GRiZ shook up the EDM scene by announcing his indefinite hiatus. From rocking festival stages like Bonnaroo and Bass Canyon to events like Grizmas in July and a multitude of Free Shows For The People, these last few months have been nothing short of legendary. With Ursa Major this weekend and the final Denver shows in early October, his storied run is quickly coming to an end but Luckily, our favorite funky bass-droppin’’ DJ has another trick up his sleeve with a little something he calls the ID Bible.

Released today, September 20, the ID Bible is filled with 24 unreleased IDs from live flips, edits, remixes, and more. Fans can now relive iconic festival bangers that will take ya to anothaaa dimension, from Let Him Cook to Burnt Chilli, Rocket Man, and everything in between. 

Check out the GRiZ ID Bible below.

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