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GRiZ Secretly Drops Surprise Album ‘Ouroboros’ Overnight

by Tyrone Basket

I’m not crying. You are. Or maybe we all are. After completing his final three shows in Denver last night, GRiZ has melted our faces and walked off stage for the last time…. at least for now. But before he could disappear in the middle of the night, G blessed us with just one more funk-fueled gift.

Without warning, GRiZ silently dropped Ouroboros. An 8 track album filled with funkadelic bass and that iconic GRiZ sound we’ll all surely miss. While it’s sad to see his final run come to an end, it’s a beautiful thing knowing that music can make us feel this way. So once again, thank you GRiZ, for giving us so much. It’s been one hell of a ride, and we will be here ready to do it all again, whenever that may be!

You can stream Ouroboros by GRiZ HERE!

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