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ALLEYCVT Breaks Out Of The Matrix With Bass Heavy Single ‘GLITCH’

by Tyrone Basket

Blue pill or red pill? How about a healthy dose of bass instead? ALLEYCVT’s latest single, GLITCH, is filled with celestial soundscapes and transcendental wubz designed to break us free from the constructs of reality. Released today, November 8, through Deadbeats, GLITCH blends magnetic pop vocals and monstrous drops that send rippling waves of sound through time and space. 

The track first opens up with soothing synths and angelic vocals that’ll have you floating in euphoria. As the verse concludes with the gripping words, “Pull me out this simulation. You can be my glitch in the matrix,” an explosion of otherworldy bass blasts you into sublime nothingness, allowing you to escape reality, at least for the moment. 

“I wanted to make a happy song about love. I think the world needs more of it.”ALLEYCVT explained. “It doesn’t even necessarily have to do with falling in love with another person, just falling in love with something that makes you feel like you’ve escaped the monotony of day-to-day life, escaping the matrix that you were in, even if it makes you uncomfortable.”

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