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Blanke and Casey Cook Deliver Raw and Emotional Single ‘Crashing Hard’

by Tyrone Basket

Ahead of his upcoming EP Emergence, the genre-bending producer Blanke has teamed up with songstress Casey Cook to deliver their highly emotional new single, Crashing Hard. Released today, November 9, through Monstercat, Crashing Hard is filled with euphoric soundscapes and heartfelt vocals that’ll have you floating in a beautiful sadness. 

Drawing inspiration from the depths of a tumultuous period, Cook’s lyricism is both profound and captivating. “I wrote “Crashing Hard” near the end of 2021 in probably one of the most defining moments of my life: finding out my dad’s terminal cancer gave him weeks to months to live and meeting my soulmate, all at once. She explained. My heart was torn in two, and it was extremely challenging trying to navigate these new contrasting emotions of sadness in losing someone so close, mixed with happiness in finding someone new to be close to.

Doing what he does best, Blanke not only matches the energy of Cook’s lyrics but expresses what words cannot through mesmerizing melodies and nostalgic drops. 

You can stream ‘Crashing Hard’ by Blanke and Casey Cook HERE!

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