With great pain comes great art. In times of struggle, creativity seems to blossom, especially when it comes to music. In the 60s and 70s, as the world was ridden with racial injustice, political assassinations, police brutality, and an unjust war, rock and roll flourished as bands used the harsh realities imposed on their generation to fuel creativity and push musical boundaries. In the 80s and 90s, as police brutality, poverty, drugs, and violence continued to rage against society, hip-hop and punk became the new rock and roll as bands and artists used these new genres and creative outlets to combat the establishment. In 2020 the coronavirus swept through the globe causing lockdowns and disrupting life as we know it. Mix that with more police brutality, racism, protests, riots, and a divided America can only mean one thing. 2021 will be filled with great music.

What better way to pull ourselves out of these historically absurd times than with the power of music? Our generation craves, peace, love, and unity as we long for change and our own path. When the world looks back on our time they will see a generation that chose love over hate. A generation that pushed for an insurgence in consciousness through the power of music and festivals.

Despite what mainstream media may imply the music of this generation is without a doubt electronic and to say the best has yet to come would be an understatement. We are currently in the midst of a musical revolution. No festivals, tours, or shows means DJs are stuck home honing their craft and sitting on a bunch of unreleased music. Without the pressures and time restraints that come with being a touring DJ, artists have had the opportunity to commit all of their energy to producing and songwriting. Mix in the frustrations and tribulations caused by the lockdown and the state of our world, artists can muster up the inspiration to really push their creative limits.

Now, as the vaccine continues to circulate and festivals and shows seems more likely to happen , artists are beginning to release new music and announce upcoming albums. Here are the top 10 electronic records either rumored or announced we are looking forward to the most!

Kaskade – Reset- Release Date : 3/5/21

Although, only four songs, Kaskade goes back to his roots as his newest EP most resembles his Automatic and Atmosphere projects rather than his previous Redux releases. There is a common message through each track. With all that happened in 2020, Kaskade suggests we need a reset to get back to love and optimism.

Charles the First – Solus- Release Date : 3/5/21

If there is one artist truly pushing the boundaries of what electronic music can be, it would be Charles the First as he ingeniously meshes lo fi down tempo hip-hop with dance and dubstep inspired sounds creating a musical journey like no other.

Porter Robinson- Nurture- Release Date: 4/23/21

Arguably the most anticipated album of the year, Porter is set to release his first LP since his critically acclaimed Worlds album in 2014. Based off the four singles released in the past few months, Nurture has the potential to spark another creative revolution in dance music and will surely be talked about for years to come.

San Holo- BB u ok? – Release date- 5/21/21

San Holo is set to release his most diverse and personal record of his career thus far. Featuring artists such as Rivers Cuomo of Weezer, American Football, Mija and more, BB u ok? will be right up there with the best electronic albums in 2021.

Mersiv- Pretty Dark Loud – Release Date- TBA

After releasing his single Talkin Bout in January, Mersiv announced his debut album is in the works via Instagram in early February. Mersiv has been quickly rising to stardom in the past few years and is set to take the bass scene by storm once this highly anticipated album finally drops.

Illenium- Album title and release date TBA

Along with releasing his massive single Nightlight featuring vocals by Annika Wells, Illenium has teased an album coming sometime in the near future. Known for his heavy hitting, melodic dubstep and his emotional song content, Illenium will have you headbanging into your feels.

Flume- Album title and release date TBA

After releasing a remix of Eiffel 65’s Blue, the legendary Australian producer Flume announced he’s working a new album on George Breakfast’s Bangers & Bants radio show. “I’ve just kind of been sending demos out and trying to get as much music together before the lockdown finishes and hopefully come out of it with something to show for myself,” Flume said in the interview. “And we’ll see what happens, but yeah, I’m hoping to have a record done before the end of the year.”

Lsdream- Album title and release date TBA

After just celebrating the 3-year anniversary of the Lsdream project, trap lord turned spiritual bass shaman Sami Damient has announced his second single High Vibrations will be released as a follow up to the Follow the Vibe single released at the end of 2020. One can only speculate Lsdream has more music on the way.

Ganja White Night- Album title and release date TBA

Although no singles have been released, Ganja White Night recently took to Instagram to announce the postponement of Wobble Rocks, their 3 day concert series at Red Rocks, Colorado for not only safety concerns but to allow them the chance to release new music as they hinted at an upcoming album.

Alison Wonderland – Album title and release date TBA

Even without touring, Alison Wonderland has been hard at work throughout 2020, releasing singles like Bad Things and Anything featuring Valentino Kahn as well as teasing her 3rd Studio album set to release in the spring of 2021. With her producing skills combined with her ability to sing and play musical instruments, the EDM scene will be in for quite a treat once her album drops.

Andy Gallegos, known as Mersiv, is a producer and DJ from Denver who’s rapidly becoming one of the biggest stars in the experimental bass scene. Throughout the past few years, he’s been rocking stages at major festivals such as Buku, Okeechobee, Shambhala, and Wakaan. During 2020 he’s been hard at work in the studio, releasing a plethora of beautiful tracks and monstrous bangers. In 2019 he shocked the scene with his first full-length EP called Digital EdenOver a year and a half later, the 10- track album resonates in a way even Mersiv couldn’t have imagined.

Mersiv aimed to heal with Digital Eden.

2020 was an incredibly hard year for all of us. Forced out of our comfort zones, human beings as a collective, experienced hardships, challenges, and suffering on a global scale. If 2020 was about overcoming adversity, 2021 is without a doubt about healing both physically and spiritually. This healing is exactly what Mersiv intended to portray with the Digital Eden project.

Digital Eden acts a guided Meditation.

Mersiv opens Digital Eden with Be Here Now as listeners are entranced with mesmerizing synthesizers. Then a guided meditation voice-over encourages his listeners to stop relying on external forces for happiness. Instead, look within to find peace and tranquility.

The next track Oasis brings deep bass that you can’t help but bop your head to before he masterly transitions into Immerse Yourself. Mersiv then reminds us that everyone has a unique purpose and the ability to pursue their dreams and change for the better. “Raising my consciousness, I am on a quest to fix what has been broken. Immerse yourself in the beat, until the third eye and your mind is awoken,” Cody Reed raps over a comforting yet intense soundscape.

Mersiv reminds his listener trust the process.

The next tracks Nocturnal and Stronger, embody the art of manifesting your dreams and turning them into realities. No matter how hard your situation may be trust the process. Stay “driven through the struggle,” and remember that pushing through adversity will only propel you to another level. Healing Frequencies then emphasizes living in the moment as a hypnotizing array of sounds captivates the listener into a dreamlike state.

Mersiv showcases his talent by taking us on a transcendental journey through sound with tracks like Digital Eden, Inferno, and Textures in the Wind.

Mersiv then ends Digital Eden with another guided mediation-inspired track called Safe where a radiating angel-like voice affirms that “you are safe”.

Mersiv’s message holds true in 2021.

The message Mersiv is portraying on Digital Eden is clear. We are spiritual beings with the power to heal from our past and manifest our reality and higher purpose. As we enter 2021, leaving the hardest year of our lives behind, it’s essential to stay focused, positive, and live with love and gratitude.  

Listen to Mersiv’s Digital Eden on Apple Music or your preferred streaming service!