Atmosphere by Kaskade Remains a Dance Classic

Certain records just give off contagious energy. We’ve all felt it before. The hair rises on the back of your neck. Goosebumps take over your arms. Your face is left with no choice but to smile as you’re consumed by sound and vibrations. Atmosphere by Kaskade is that type of album. Released almost 7 years ago, it still remains a dance music classic and a soundtrack to all things summer.

Released on September 9th, 2013, Kaskade’s Atmosphere still finds its way to summer playlists. Not just because each track is a timeless reflection of the Chicago-born producer’s presence in dance music but because the record as a whole paved the way for what dance music is today. Atmosphere is an emotional, uplifting, and compelling dive into the sonic universe of EDM. From festival anthems to groovy club beats, Kaskade pushes the narrative that EDM can be both beautiful and life-changing.

Kaskade brought the funk back to EDM

In 2013, at the peak of the EDM bubble, big room dominated the scene. Long buildups, pop vocals, and massive drops were the norm, and dance music was starting to feel stagnant. Then along came Kaskade’s 8th studio album, Atmosphere. Incorporating funky piano chords, groovy drums, and blissed-out vocals with his euphoric style of progressive house Kaskade proved why he became the saving grace of EDM. From jazz-inspired tracks like Take Your Mind Off to the album’s single Atmosphere, Kaskade brought a new take on dance music and broke it into the mainstream.

Atmosphere is an escape through euphoria.

Whether you’re listening through your headphones, at a party, or watching the man himself play a track live at a festival, Atmosphere is designed for you to feel the love. From the opening track, Last Chance to the indie ballad of Something Something, the blissful vocals, and celestial melodies immerse you in sonic euphoria. Tracks like Floating act as an EDM lullaby as angelic soundscapes allow you to peacefully drift off into the abyss.

Atmosphere is not only inspiring but thought-provoking.

Kaskade’s Atmosphere not only represents the party but the emotions and stories of those attending. Kaskade gives a voice to the misunderstood kids at his shows who so desperately want to be heard. “No one knows who we are Ohhh Ohhhhh, No one gave us a mark.” Swanky Tunes sings on No One Knows Who We Are.

On Last Chance, Project 46 sings the now-infamous chorus, “Please don’t break me. Please don’t let me fall. Please don’t break me. And leave me nothing at all. ‘Cuz this is my one last chance to breathe.” Kaskade is not only referring to saving the music he so desperately loves but that we have one last chance as humans to come together and make a lasting connection.

Atmosphere will stand the test of time.

With Atmosphere, Kaskade forged his name among dance music legends and captured the essence of everything that is good about the EDM community. The love, the unity, and uplifting potential that the scene carries could profoundly change the world, and it all starts with the music.

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