“Just Be” with Chasing the Golden Hour By Griz

Since its release on September 172020, Chasing the Golden Hour Pt.3 has been a record that’s been in constant rotation. From lighting up the dark, gloomy days to setting the vibe for those chill summer nights, the third installment of the Chasing the Golden Hour mixtape series just hits right. Embodying everything there is to love about Griz, Chasing the Golden Hour Pt.3 is full of euphoric jazz-inspired funk.  With a combination of live instrumentation and psychedelic electronic soundscapes, the Detroit-born producer takes the listener on a nostalgic journey through sound and time.  

Chasing the Golden Hour Pt. 3 reminds us to just be.

While marketed as a mixtape, the 9 track record plays more like an album with a message. In fact, Chasing the Golden Hour opens with a poem spoken directly to us from the man himself on Know Time Like the Present. “The more you try, the less you be and the less you see. Let go, and you become the universe. See, you don’t need anything when you the universe is everything. This is your experience. This is your life to live,” Griz recites over mesmerizing ambient beats that swiftly drift you into an altered state of consciousness. Griz reminds us that we are everything and can be anything. Don’t try to force something that your not. Instead, just be, and you will become what you ultimately are. There is no value in living in the past or stressing about the future. There is no place to be like the present. So live in the moment and enjoy every second. Life is meant to be fun and full, so get out there and just live.

Griz proves how versatile his sound is with Chasing the Golden Hour Pt. 3.

It is no secret that Griz is one of if not the most versatile artists in electronic music. His ability to play a plethora of instruments on top of his production skills turns everything Griz touches into a work of gold. Chasing the Golden Hour Pt. 3 is no different. It’s obvious Griz is heavily influenced by jazz and funk, but his incorporation of hip hop elements and chillwave soundscapes is what makes this record a masterpiece. On Solo, you can even find influences of reggae and acid jazz. His dreamy production transports you into a world of sunny landscapes and bright atmospheres while upbeat horns spread throughout, create a vibe like no other.

10 months later, we can finally hear Griz play these tracks out live.

With the coronavirus in the review mirror, shows and festivals are happening, which means Griz will finally be able to play Chasing the Golden Hour live in his sets. Combined with his latest singles  Tie-dye Sky and Astro Funk, Griz will surely blow minds once he takes the stage. You can catch Griz playing this fall as Red RocksBrooklyn Mirage, and Dancefestopia!

Listen to Griz’s Chasing the Golden Hour Pt. 3 on Apple Music or your preferred streaming service!

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