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Bloom By Rüfüs du Sol is a Timeless Masterpiece

by Tyrone Basket

With the release of their second studio album Bloom in 2016, Rüfüs du Sol proved that an electronic dance record could, in fact, become timeless. The Australian electro house trio etched their names into electronic dance music history with warm melodies, hypnotizing synths, and captivating vocals. Combining the bassline concepts of house music with the dreamy essence of indie-pop, Bloom transcends space and time as the easy, yet prolific soundscapes take hold of your consciousness and blast you into euphoria. Reminiscent of bright summer days and vibes screaming festival season, Bloom is the type of record you just can’t seem to get out of your head. Nor do you want to.

Bloom takes its place among elite EDM records.

Rüfüs du Sol swiftly eases you into their reality with bright, infectious sonic expressions. While the overall vibe is mellow, the melodies are catchy and vibrant. Tyrone Lindqvist’s airy yet impactful vocals set the mood for the album, while James Hunt’s percussion and Jon George’s skill on the keyboard bring it all together.  Beautifully transitioning from upbeat dancefloor anthems such as Like an Animal to mesmerizing indie disco ballads like You Were Right, Bloom dismantled EDM norms and became an instant classic.

Rüfüs du Sol soared into dance music stardom.

Following the success of their debut album Atlas, Bloom only solidified the Australian Legends as dance music greats. After its release, Rüfüs du Sol became EDM’s hottest commodity, drawing fans around the globe as they graced festival lineups from Tomorrowland to Coachella.

Rüfüs du Sol stands out from the crowd with their live show.

It’s one thing to create soulful nu-disco type era house music, and it’s an entirely different ball game to blend it with live instrumentation on stage. The most impressive aspect of Rüfüs du Sol is not only their bodies of work but their ability to play their songs out live in perfection. Each performance is akin to an electronic version of a jam sesh that at times sounds better than the studio versions of their records. Throw in the lights and the aurora of the crowd, and you get the type of nostalgia that can hardly be described, only experienced.

5 years later, Bloom stands strong.

While their 2018 album Solace further pushed their sound, Bloom remains Rüfüs du Sol’s most beloved record in their discography. Tracks like Innerbloom and You Were right are almost impossible to top as the Australian trio remains one of the most sought-after acts in EDM.  After releasing their latest single Alive, it seems a new album is on the Horizon. Only time will tell if they can surpass the masterpiece that is Bloom.

Catch Rüfüs du Sol play live at festivals like Bonnaroo, Outside Lands, Governors Ball, and more!

Listen to Rüfüs du Sol’s Bloom on Apple Music or your preferred streaming service!

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