Freddy Todd Flashes Back To The Past With Nineteen Ninety

It is no secret that Freddy Todd is quickly becoming one of the most prolific producers in the electronic realm. While harnessing support from artists like Of The Trees, Liquid Stranger, and Griz, his kaleidoscopic sound speaks for itself. Bound by no genre, to say that the Detroit-born producer is versatile would be an understatement. Inspired by everything from Motown, funk, techno, hip-hop, and blues Freddy Todd’s music seems like a dreamy rendition of space and time. In an attempt to surpass the success of his 2021 album Moonflavours II, Freddy takes listeners on a trip back to the past with his newest EP titled Nineteen Ninety.

Released on January 7th through Alpha Pup Records, Nineteen Ninety is full of otherworldly soundscapes, old-school breaks, and a splash of modern-day experimental bass. By sonically diving headfirst into the void, Freddy Todd leaves a vivid impression on his listeners as he releases his most vibrant record to date.

Nineteen Ninety Pays Homage To The Ninety’s Rave Scene

Nineteen Ninety doesn’t just represent the year Freddy Todd was born but pays homage to the old-school rave scene that left a tremendous imprint on his sound. Citing artists like Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, and u-Ziq in an Instagram post, Freddy Todd explores and expands upon the psychedelic sounds of the 90s era that raised him. From the synth-heavy Lapis Puddle to the breakbeat vibe of Livernois Litty, Nineteen Ninety hits on all levels.

Freddy Todd Ushers in a New Sound

While finding inspiration from those before him Freddy Todd has uncovered an entirely new sound that is both futuristic and nostalgic. Filled with euphoric soundscapes, funky melodies, and extraterrestrial beats Nineteen Ninety is an absolute must-listen.

Listen to Freddy Todd’s Nineteen Ninety on Apple Music or your preferred streaming platform.

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