Griz Gets Heavy With Rainbow Brain

As the world pleaded for Kanye West to drop Donda, Griz quietly yet ferociously disrupted the EDM scene with his heaviest, most introspective record to date. Following his Rainbow Brain movie, an audio/visual experience into sound, Griz dropped Rainbow Brain, the album, on Friday, July 23rd. Once again, the dubstep king of funk proved why he’s one of the most talented producers in all of bass music. From the heavy in-your-face bass drops to the funky psychedelic soundscapes, Griz’s versatility is vast and unmatched. Rainbow Brain is a complete work of art. It will not only dominate festival crowds but take the listener on a groovy spiritual journey through sound and vibrations.

Rainbow Brain is a product of Covid lockdowns.

For an artist like Griz, self-expression is something that cannot be taken.  An artist will always have the means to create even when their outlet of expression is ripped away. When covid dismantled the live music industry, Griz found himself turning inwards to create. He was no longer producing music for the stage but himself. “Rainbow Brain is about making your own vibe,” he told apple music. “I didn’t have the outlet of playing music for people, I just made my own little dance party out of this album.” While still staying true to that classic Griz sound we all love, it’s evident Griz dove into new waters with heavy wobbly dubstep that just makes you want to move. It’s not hard to imagine the Denver bass producer raging alone in his studio to tracks like Astro Funk and Tie-Dye Sky.  

A DMT trip inspired the album artwork.

Griz is one of today’s few outspoken artists about the powers of psychedelics and the benefits of his experiences. He’s an advocate for finding eternal peace and exploring consciousness through different planes of existence. It without a doubt inspires his sound. As Griz explained in an Instagram post, the album artwork is an interpretation of a powerful DMT experience he had in Chicago. Just as DMT blasts you into the void, bringing you face to face with otherworldy consciousness, Griz’s Rainbow brain takes the listener into a kaleidoscopic world of bright colors, mesmerizing bass, and euphoria.

Griz’s versatility shines throughout Rainbow Brain.

While the concept of Rainbow Brain is designed as a complete thought woven together in a continuous mix, Griz utilizes a variety of genres to tell his story. From his wobbly yet heavy brand of dubstep to reggae, hip-hop, and psychedelic rock, Griz hits every mark. By doing so he creates an intense and transcendent experience. But, of course, it is not a Griz record without his brilliance on the saxophone displayed throughout the record. Griz not only shows versatility when it comes to exploring different genres but with both production and live instrumentation.

Griz keeps it close with his features.

Griz’s last record was more commercial when it came to features. Ride Waves featured names like Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, and DRAM. This time, he decided to limit features on Rainbow Brain to his inner circle of friends. By working with Jantsen, Big Gigantic, and Cherub, Griz took his sound back to his roots while adding a new age flare. Songs like Burn Up the Floor, Daily Routine, and Gold stand as three of the album’s many highlights. While there was nothing wrong with his features on Ride Waves, Rainbow Brain feels more authentic and free.

Rainbow Brain exceeded expectations.

While we were familiar with Rainbow Brain’s many singles, the 23 track record was full of surprises. Full of psychedelic atmospheres and trippy far-out sounds, Rainbow Brain explored everything from spirituality, mindfulness, and the ethos of hippie culture. As live music attempts to revive itself, Rainbow Brain comes at a crucial era in dance music history and will absolutely serve as a mark of the times.

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