Veil Voyages Into Dark Space With Street Ritual Compilation ‘HORIZONS’

Emerging from the shadows of the underground and representing the experimental bass scene as a whole, Philadelphia bass producer VEIL unleashes an astounding compilation titled HORIZONS through her label Street Ritual. Compiled of 10 new tracks from bass music’s biggest rising stars like jordnmoody, Ujuu, 5AM, and more, HORIZONS explores everything from dirty dubstep to drum and bass and everything in between.

“Horizons represents endless places we can all reach simultaneously. It represents community, unified understanding, parallel visions. It represents a little bit from every sector of bass music. All of the artists featured are shining in their own way, and our team at SR is absolutely ecstatic to share this with the world!” Proclaimed VEIL in an exclusive interview with The Daily Frequency.

VEIL is no stranger to showcasing new and revolutionary sounds from the underground. Formally known as spacegeishA, the dubstep veteran has been compiling compilations since the beginning of her career. 

“I have a history of doing compilations which started with a series called Global Glitch in 2015 where we featured glitch-hop and psy-bass producers from all over the globe; including the likes of, CloZee, Secret Recipe, AtYyA, TRIBONE, KLO, Bogtrotter, Mindex, Alejo, Vinja, SIXIS, and so many more! My main motivation with running Street Ritual has been and will continue to be showcasing producers from a variety of genre niches and a variety of places across the globe.” She explained. 

Although she changed her name from spacegeishA to VEIL, her vision remains the same. Driven by a passion for combining colors, vibes, and feelings into a collective sonic experience, VEIL aims to spread her love of bass music to all corners of the world.

“My spacegeishA project, and my VEIL project both aim to do the same through a live mixing experience,” She said. “ I love collaboration on all levels, and it has the potential to bring the best out of people. Plus, it’s a community affair, a community-art… if you will :)”

Blending a vast array of sounds, HORIZONS takes listeners on a sonic journey through space and time. Whether it’s the earth rattling drops on XotiX’s Burn It Up or the bouncy yet filthy vibe of 50 Shades of Grime by Dalfin & Dwelm, the Street Ritual compilation is filled with ominous soundscapes and electrifying bass that fuel your senses.

When putting it all together, VEIL not only looks for artists who are prominent in the scene but who are pushing the envelope and breaking down the barriers of what bass music can be. 

“When I begin to think about compilations, I usually focus in on a few genres I want to feature on the tracklist and then pay attention in my VEIL life to see who is standing out to me with exceptional tracks, producing, dj sets, etc. I really love to feel like I found a gem that isn’t hitting the huge stages yet, and I’m finally working towards a place where I can do that,” she stated.  “I truly believe that everyone will find something new they love on this compilation; it’s such an eclectic mix of sounds that all sound like they are from the same dank bass world — and it’s because they are!”

Although HORIZONS is a compilation, each song flows together beautifully, making it feel more like an album with a cinematic appeal. Instead of just showcasing each individual track, VEIL aims to create an experience for the listener and compares creating a compilation to curating a live set. 

“I think of compilations the same way as curating a DJ set. What do I want people to experience in the beginning of our journey? I usually like to start mellow then hit heavy in my DJ sets, then pull back a bit and go through some more deep and emotive sections until more heavy hits,” Veil told The Daily Frequency. “The compilation was no different; it really took on a journey of its’ own when we heard it for the first time all together. That was the first time our team was like, WOW. You know, you do months of planning and talking about the release. However, buttoning up that final folder, knowing how many different brains went into something like that, was an extra special feeling!”  

HORIZONS is out now, streaming on all platforms. You can check out the Street Ritual compilation here.

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