Lane 8 Takes Listeners On A Journey Through Hopeful Bliss With ‘Reviver’

When it comes to progressive and melodic house, there is no one that does it like Lane 8. The Denver- based producer, has a remarkable knack for transcribing sounds into deep human emotions. From his Brightest Lights album to Cross Pollination, Little by Little, and Rise, Lane 8 creates a blissful experience through beautiful melodies and moving soundscapes that connect with the listener both spiritually and physically.

As Lane 8 looks to expand on his sound, his latest release aimed to be the most dancefloor-ready album in his discography.

Lane 8 Reinvents Himself With Reviver

While still maintaining the signature chilled-out style fans have come accustomed to, Lane 8’s Reviver is the perfect combination of mellow beats and festival-ready anthems. Released on January 21st, the 13 track album is filled with superb synth work, angelic vocals, and powerful yet vibrant drops. When Lane 8 hit the studio to create his fourth studio album his goal was not just to create another record but to reinvent himself as a musician.

“While making Reviver, one of my primary goals was to reinvent myself as a producer,” he explained on his Instagram. “I’ve always felt this way while working on albums- a nagging desire to break new ground and avoid repeating myself – but the feeling was stronger than ever this time around.”

Like us all, Lane 8 has changed in the past two years. It is no secret that the pandemic, global lockdowns, and civil unrest has affected us all in different ways. At the same time, everyone has their own way of coping and processing that change. For Lane 8 he finds escape in the studio. From the chaos of the outside world to his own personal experiences Lane 8 expresses his transformation through his music. From the uptempo sounds of Nuclear Lethargy to the dreamy approach of Watermelon Wormhole Reviver represents every feeling and emotion that comes with transforming one’s self.

Reviver Stands For Hope

While Lane 8’s Brightest Lights represented finding light in dark times, Reviver represents hope for a better tomorrow. Not only did we survive the past two years but there is finally light at the end of the tunnel and we all have the opportunity to start a new. While fighting through struggle there is space to profoundly change. “Self change and call your name. Picture this, automatic pain. Another road, another way to go.” Solomon Grey sings on Automatic.

Not only are the lyrics spread throughout the record positive but the instrumentals are bright and inspiring. Whether it’s the spirited tone of Illuminate or the graceful notes on Trampoline Counting Stars Reviver is designed to overwhelm the listener with optimistic bliss.

Whether you are dancing your heart out at a Lane 8 set or vibing in the comfort of your own home the tracks on Reviver will surely flood your senses with euphoria and hope. Overall Reviver is more than just a dance record as it tells a story of rejuvenation and transformation.

You can listen to Lane 8’s Reviver on Apple Music or your preferred streaming platform.

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