Space Laces Shakes Up The Bass Scene With ‘High Vaultage’ EP

At just 24 years old, Ian Slider, who goes by the name Space Laces, has once again stirred up a frenzy within the bass scene. If you are not familiar with the Kentucky producer himself, you certainly have heard his music. From his collaborations with Excision, Snails, and Trampa, among others, Space Laces has been at the forefront of bass music. Whether it is the festival favorite Throwin Elbows or the heavy yet bouncy sounds of 1 on 1, the young dubstep legend has been pushing the envelope since his inception into the scene in 2013.

Now nine years later, Spaces Laces continues his evolution as a producer with his highly anticipated EP titled High Vaultage. Released on February 18 on Never Say Die records, High Vaultage marks the start of a new era for both Spaces Laces and electronic music as a whole.

High Vaultage Is a Continuation His Vaultage Project

The High Vaultage EP is the apex of years of work for Space Laces. Expanding on his Vaultage mix series project, he has confined the sounds of the 3 mixes into one groundbreaking project. Consisting of 5 songs, Space Laces hits every mark from glitched-out drops to lively soundscapes that make you want to move your feet.

Space Laces Returns To His Roots

Before his collaborations with Excision, Space Laces was known for his electro-house style of production. Although the sounds of High Vaultage are new and innovative, he has returned to his roots to create a record that’s more danceable than anything else in his discography. Combining the heavy style of bass music with lively beats and bouncy drops, he has created a sound that is both unique and revolutionary.

You can listen to Space Lace’s High Vaultage EP on Apple Music or your preferred streaming service.

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