Madeline Austin & AVELLO Ride Waves Of Love On ‘Only You’

After four years in the making, AVELLO and Madeline Austin’s Only You is finally out for the world to hear. What started as a few words jotted down in Madeline Austin’s notebook in 2018 has blossomed into an all-encompassing ballad of love, fueled by deep lyricism, gracious vocal work, and AVELLO’s emotionally-driven sound.

Released today on, May 26, Only You not only paints a vivid picture of love and connection but dives into every raw emotion and feeling that surrounds it. Hitting you like spiritual ecstasy, Madeline Austin’s lyrics transport you into the constructs of your heart as she tells a story of that levitating feeling we all call love.

Only You will always have such a special place in my heart. The first half of the song symbolizes meeting your soulmate in your dreams. As the story develops, it expresses the emotions and the bond created when finally meeting each other in reality,” the Florida singer/songwriter explained. “The lyrics eventually turned into a love letter to someone who has made a lasting imprint on my life. I hope that listeners will be able to relate to a time when they’ve had that never-ending love in their life, regardless of if the chapter is opened, closed, or undetermined.”

Moving in sublime synchronicity with Madeline Austin’s angelic vocals, AVELLO’s production work takes listeners on an intoxicating journey through euphoric bliss. As the heartfelt chorus leads into an epic build-up of drums, the distorted chopped-up atmospheric drop takes you into otherworldly realms as you’re overcome with flooding emotion.

Overall Only You serves as a beautiful piece of art that’s both captivating and relatable. Not only is the track a must-listen, but the chemistry between AVELLO and Madeline Austin is undeniable. One can only hope for more collabs in the future.

Check Out Only You Below.

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