GRiZ Does It Again With New Summertime Banger ‘Feel No Pain’

If you are a fan of bass music, you know that GRiZ has been taking over the scene by storm. Since the release of his Rainbow Brain LP, the funky bass dropin’ DJ’s sound has been getting heavier and heavier with each set he performs. Mixing his signature saxophone-driven style with mind-melting wubz, GRiZ has created a sonic experience like no other.

Whether you’ve caught him at your favorite festival, at one of his many curated events, or you simply just bump his sets from SoundCloud, you know that GRiZ has been rinsing some insane unreleased IDs. Now, with his latest drop, we can finally add one of those bangers to our own playlists.

Released today, on July 6, Feel No Pain combines funkadelic saxophone vibes, wonky bass, and a reggae-inspired bounce as GRiZ pays homage to great Bob Marley. The saxophone solo takes you away to summertime bliss as the beat builds up to GRiZ exclaiming, “One Thing Bout Music When It Hit You Feel No Pain.” Then out of nowhere, heavy bass takes over and blasts you into the ether.

You can listen to ‘Feel No Pain’ By GRiZ HERE!

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Photo courtesy of Jason Siegel

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