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Dropping bass heavy enough to rip through the fabric of reality Tate Warner, who goes by the name GorillaT is quickly becoming a reckoning force in the bass scene. Merging psychedelic soundscapes with intense, death-defying drops, the Colorado producer has offered direct support to artists such as Mize, Kill the Noise, Virtual Riot, and more. Like an ominous rumble in the jungle, GorillaT’s sound will draw you in and alter your perception before blasting you deep into the ether. With just three years of production under his belt, his relentless work ethic has allowed him to not only flourish but thrive as he aims to close out 2022 with a bang.

Just before the release of his latest single, Tension, The Daily Frequency reached out to GorillaT to discuss his musical upbringing, inspirations, and so much more. 

Check out The Daily Frequency Exclusive Interview With GorillaT Below.

DF: Let’s start by diving into your musical background. When did you get into producing, and what drew you to bass music in particular? 

GorillaT: To begin, I have played many different musical instruments my entire life and have always loved pretty much all types of music. I played the piano from the age of around six years old and continue to, to this day. I also played saxophone for about three years and played the guitar for a similar amount of time. I actually only got into production about three years ago now. The first time I knew I had to do this was when I first saw Subtronics play his tour stop at the aggie theatre in Fort Collins, Colorado. After I witnessed that show, I basically put virtually every waking moment for the next three years into music production to bring me to where I am now. 

DF: I love your sound. It’s heavy and abrasive yet wonky and groovy. Who would you say are your biggest inspirations? 

GorillaT: My biggest inspirations have to be Subtronics, Virtual Riot, BoogieT, Svdden Death, and more recently my good friends Hostage Situation. 

DF: You have quite a unique background as a championed swimmer and competitive cyclist. Has the work ethic you acquired through sports helped you with your music endeavors? 

GorillaT: Absolutely. I was a competitive swimmer basically since the age of five years old. I pretty much put 25 hours a week into swimming for over five years straight. When I was finally done, I had managed to break five different state records in Colorado and went on to swim at my current school, Loyola University of New Orleans for the first year. I have also been cycling competitively since a very young age and have become very good at that as well. I think without learning the level intensity it took to get really good at swimming, I would not be even close to the point I am today when it comes to music production. I truly believe my work ethic comes directly from the past dedication I had to those sports and translates into music beautifully. 

DF: You have offered support for artists like Virtual Riot, Mize, Figure, and more. What was it like sharing the stage with such big names in the scene, and is there any show that stands out in particular? 

GorillaT: Wow. Where do I even start with this one? Three years ago, I could have never imagined playing the shows I have played today. It always feels so surreal talking to artists I’ve looked up to for so long. I think if I had to pick one show that stood out to me, it would either be my most recent show as direct support for Kill The Noise or the previous one, which was opening for Virtual Riot. I think these stood out to me so much because both of them are such legends in the scene. These were the first two shows that I felt like I had a lot of my own fans there to watch me play my music. Before these shows, I didn’t have much music released, but I think what made them so special was being able to visibly see how many people were there to see me and loving my music. This last set for Kill The Noise was the first time I have ever had enough music of my own to play a completely unreleased set. I will also remember that forever because that has always been a huge dream for me. 

DF: You headlined The Church Night Club in Denver! How did it feel to be playing such a legendary venue in the bass capital of the world? 

GorillaT: This show was my very first “headlining” or “co-headlining show”. I did not know what to expect going into this because my time slot was the same time slot as the headliner on the main stage upstairs. This was one of the first shows to really open my eyes to what could be possible. After this, I was told my stage was more packed than the headliner upstairs. I was told that it’s rarely that packed on the stage I was playing during that time slot. I think this was one of the moments I realized this was really going to be possible to succeed in. I will remember that show forever. 

DF: You’re known to rock a few tricks with your kendama, which has become a staple in the bass community. Do you feel like having another outlet to put your energy towards helps you stay creative in the studio? 

GorillaT: 1000%. It’s actually one of my “secrets” to my work ethic. If I don’t pick that toy up for 10 minutes each hour I produce, I find that my ideas aren’t as good, my motivation takes a hit, and my body hurts way more. I first found the kendama through my favorite artist, Subtronics. Ever since then, I haven’t gone anywhere without it, and it is a great tool for me to be able to quickly ground myself again! 

DF: Stoned Ape Theory is such a dope track with an interesting concept. What are your thoughts on the actual stoned ape theory itself? 

GorillaT: I love this question. I have been extremely interested in Terrance Mckenna for the longest time and first came across the Stoned Ape Theory in late highschool years. The idea that evolution was heavily impacted by the use of psychedelic mushrooms very much resonated with me. When I sat down to make this song, I tried to put what I thought the essence of the actual Stoned Ape Theory was into my song through sound. Some people have told me the intro sounds very dream-like and psychedelic, which is just the vibe I was going for on this song. I also really love this song because I feel like it was the first song I made with a decent mix down compared to the year’s worth of songs before this!

DF: You recently started a Spotify playlist called GorillaT”s Tunes. What is your inspiration and vision behind the playlist? 

GorillaT: So the main reason I curated this playlist was really so people could have a look into the music that I listen to when I am not making my own. I think it’s super cool to hear people’s musical influences and maybe a little bit of why they create the vibe of music they do. I also created it to hopefully grow it over time and start taking submissions from other artists so they have an opportunity to get their song heard by someone that maybe wouldn’t normally get to hear that song. 

DF: You also formed a Facebook group called “Planet Of The Apes.” How important is it to build a sense of community within your fanbase? 

GorillaT: For me, it is one of the most important things I feel I can do as an artist. Connecting with my fans through social media platforms has done everything for me. I feel that it is my mission in life to give others inspiration to do whatever they set their minds to. I try my very best every single day to remind my fans that they can do anything and everything with hard work and dedication, literally. I get messages all the time of people thanking me for just being me, and that is honestly the most important part of all. 

DF: Lastly, what can fans expect from the rest of the year for GorillaT? 

GorillaT: A LOT! I just signed to a brand new management with Gridlock, and things are already starting to look better than I ever could have imagined. I also just released one of my favorite songs to date called Tension. I think this song will really show what I am capable of as an artist being three years into music production. As far as shows, there are none that I can speak on yet, unfortunately, but I can tell you the future looks very bright!!!!

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