Austeria Drops ‘In The Nest’ Mix; Talks ‘Sisters Of Fate’ & More

Dwelling deep in the depths of the unseen universe stands Austeria. The quickly rising DJ, who not only represents the promising future of women in dubstep, but the bass scene as a whole. Through her malevolent soundscapes and euphoric yet heavy bass, she has cultivated an experience that’s both beautiful and chaotic. Like a ventriloquist controlling a puppet, Austeria manipulates crowds with sonic vibrations and mind-melting bass in a way that makes you question the nature of your own reality.

After finally booking her first festival performance in 2021, the mystifying sound-bending DJ has catapulted into stardom. Through her electrifying performances and bangers like The Garden, Spicy, Get F***d, and more, she has caught the attention of heavyweights like Peekaboo and Subtronics, among others.

Now in the closing months of the 2022 festival season, Austeria has taken the scene by storm. Just months after gracing the infamous stage at Red Rocks with her sister in arms, Zingara, the pair dropped the Sisters of Fate EP filled with ominous jaw-dropping bass.

On top of her freshly released mix on Ravenscoon’s radio show In The Nest, you can catch her rocking the stage on Level Up’s Spellbound Tour, Moonrise, Elements, Freaky Deaky, and more.

The Daily Frequency caught up with the Maryland producer to discuss Sisters of Fate, musical inspirations, and so more.

Read The Daily Frequency exclusive interview with Austeria below.

DF: Congratulations on your new EP with Zingara!  How does it feel to release such a massive record with someone you’ve been grinding alongside for so many years? 

Austeria: Thank you so much! It’s honestly really crazy. It feels almost like we were meant to meet and create music together. We’ve been learning and growing as artists together these past few years, and it’s been really great to have that camaraderie. Finally, putting out the EP is so exciting and gratifying. 

DF: Sisters of Fate tells such an alluring story. What inspired the concept behind the record?

Austeria: I’m a sucker for mythology. So, after we released ‘Shakuhachi’ together, I mentioned this idea I had about tying Greek mythology into an EP and how we should work on it together. Originally we were brainstorming different goddesses, but then we came across the story of the sisters of fate and fell in love with the concept. The story was already written for us. We just needed to channel that and create our own interpretation through sound.   

DF: With such a mystifying and magical appeal, it only makes sense that Sisters of Fate is released on the biggest supermoon of the year. Was this something that was planned?

Austeria: Haha, well, yes and no. We originally were planning to release the EP earlier in the year, but we pushed it back to perfect everything. We were always planning to release on a full moon, but it just so happened that July 13th was the biggest supermoon of the year. Feels a bit like fate, right? 

DF: Let’s take it back for a bit. When did you first get into production, and what drew you to bass music in the first place?

Austeria: I started producing in 2018, and I’m 100% a headbanger turned producer. I have been a rave kid since high school, so I’d been attending bass shows for a while, but the thought never really occurred to me that you could just teach yourself and become a producer/DJ. That was until I read an interview with Rezz where she explained how she locked herself in her parent’s house and just sat down and learned. When I read that, a lightbulb turned on in my mind. I knew that I wanted to give it a try, and once I started learning? I knew this was what I was going to do.

DF: You’ve cultivated such an amazing sound. It’s heavy, hypnotic, and full of energy. Who would you say are your biggest inspirations?

Austeria: Thank you! I’d say my biggest inspirations are Rezz, Excision, Bring Me The Horizon, Lil Peep, and Avril Lavigne. All for different reasons, but each of those acts inspires me so much and has impacted me a lot as a human and as an artist.  

DF: As a strong advocate for mental health, do you feel dubstep can be seen as a form of therapy? 

Austeria: Nothing can replace real therapy, but live music is definitely a form of therapy, in my opinion. Being surrounded by people who love the same music as you, where you can turn off your mind and escape reality for a little while – it’s a truly special experience, and I’ve been chasing that feeling ever since I was a little girl. 

DF: It’s clear you have an incredible drive when it comes to music. You made a post a few years back about quitting a “good” job because it didn’t align with your life’s calling. How important is it to follow your heart and passion instead of following what society may say is best for you? 

Austeria: Personally, I find it to be incredibly important. If I didn’t make that change in my life, I don’t know how long I would have lasted in this world, honestly. Some people don’t have any issues working an office job, but I couldn’t shake this feeling that I wanted to do more and make more of an impact on people. For me, having a career that I am passionate about is extremely important. I want to help people and this world, and I didn’t feel I could satisfy that desire doing the work I was doing. With music it’s my passion. Writing music and creating makes me feel better mentally and also has the possibility to impact the lives of others in a beneficial way. I always tell my parents that if the music thing doesn’t work out, I’ll finally go to law school or work in public policy to make an impact that way. But I’m happy to make even just one person’s day better, whether it be by them listening to my music or getting lost in the sauce at one of my sets.   

DF: What advice would you give someone who is struggling to choose between following their dreams and stability?

Austeria: Follow your dreams! Life is too short to not even try. If it doesn’t work out, that’s okay! There’s always another route or something else to do. You’ll find what you’re meant to be doing somewhere along the way as long as you’re open to the possibility. 

DF: So you’re playing a ton of shows around the country, booking massive festivals, and releasing banger after banger. How does it feel to see all of your hard work paying off? 

Austeria: It feels surreal. I’m still just scratching the surface, and I’ve already checked off some major bucket list items. It’s crazy. I really just can’t believe that I’ve made it this far. Honestly, it feels like the hard work is really just beginning. 

DF: Lastly, if you accomplish one thing with your music, what would it be and why?

Austeria: For the listeners, I just want everyone to have a good time and to have fun. I want other women to know they have a place in this scene and that they can pursue this career too. But overall, I’m very passionate about making the music industry a better place for everyone involved – that’s my long-term mission.

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