[Listen] TSURDA Does It All With ‘Deathwish’ EP

In the ever-evolving landscape of bass music, artists like Tsurda are exploring new sounds and pushing the envelope more than ever before. With his latest EP, Deathwish, the LA producer has channeled four uniquely different sounds into one concise project, all while maintaining that signature style fans have come to love. 

Released on Friday, March 3, through Deadbeats, Deathwish hits on everything from heavy, crowd-shaking bass to chilled-out downtempo beats, with even some hip-hop sprinkled in. 

The opening track, Moxy, brings some smoothly elegant chilled-out vibes where Deathwish turns on your bass face with hard-hitting riddim. The next track Lazer is filled with bouncy bass and house-inspired soundscapes that’ll get any party going. Last but not least, the closing track Pillz brings it all together as Tsurda rhymes over dark, ominous bass and tripped-out soundscapes. Not only does he push the boundaries of bass music, but showcases his diverse reach as a producer.

“Yo, in this economy, doing music full time be a deathwish in and of itself. It’s been a hard year for everyone in the music game on all fronts. This a collection of four songs and it’s just me…being me, no filter. There’s some house vibes, a riddim joint, even a track where I spit some bars. Wanted to give y’all some variety and express myself as an artist in full form. I hope y’all enjoy it cause I had a lot of fun making it,” Tsurda explained.

You can stream Deathwish HERE!

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