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SOHMI Transcends With ‘Recital’ EP

by Tyrone Basket

After mesmerizing fans with single after single, SOHMI has officially released the final track of her debut EP Recital. Rounding out the last chapter of her dance-heavy autobiography through sound, Recital is filled with ethereal soundscapes and minimal pop tech beats that open a portal into her dreamy reality.

While the EP as a whole serves as a sonic extension of SOHMI’s life, the final track gives listeners a glimpse into her psyche and serves as a soundtrack to her daydreams. 

“I wanted to end the EP with something really different and take the listener outside the expected club-structured farem instead into something that simply feels and sounds like a dream. ‘Recital,’ the track, is the soundtrack to all the many daydreams I’ve had over the course of my childhood and life, which were always about becoming some kind of performer for as long as I can remember. While I’m singing over nearly the entire track, there are no real lyrics, just freestyled humming, as one might daydream about becoming something and somebody bigger than themselves,” she explained.

You can stream Recital HERE!

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