Emma Hewitt Releases Emotionally Heavy Album ‘Ghost of the Light’

Renowned EDM singer-songwriter Emma Hewitt has captivated fans once again with her highly-anticipated album, Ghost of the Light. Released on Friday, May 19,  Ghost of the Light showcases a unique blend of ethereal vocals, passionate lyrics, and captivating melodies, for a sonic experience like no other. 

Spanning across 15 tracks, the Australian singer takes listeners on a mesmerizing journey through space and time while effortlessly fusing electronic elements with her signature style. 

Through angelic vocal work and deep lyricism, she explores everything from love, loss, and self-discovery, resonating with audiences on a profound level. From haunting yet beautiful ballads to uplifting anthems, Ghost of the Light is not only a testament to Emma Hewitt’s remarkable versatility as an artist but her ability to evoke deep emotions and create music that’s both healing and relatable. 

You can stream Ghost of the Light by Emma Hewitt HERE!

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