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10 Must-See Electronic Acts at Suwannee Hulaween

by James Hall

Hulaween is almost here! In about two weeks, we’ll be reunited under the enchanting Spanish moss to celebrate the festival’s 10th anniversary! From dancing under The Hunter’s Full Moon to immersing ourselves in the magical world of Spirit Lake, 2023 will surely be a party like no other. In preparation for this year’s festivities, we compiled a list of ten electronic acts you don’t want to miss. 

Check out our top 10 must-see electronic acts at Hulaween below. 

Pretty Lights

Get ready to light up the dance floor because Pretty Lights is bringing the weekend groove to Hulaween’s main stage on Saturday and Sunday! After a much-anticipated return, we are “Finally Moving”. Attendees will be transported into a mesmerizing world of soulful samples and bass-heavy beats. Pretty Lights’ music is like a cosmic journey through sound, and under the Full Moon at Hulaween, it’ll be pure magic. 

Boogie T

Prepare to boogie down like never before with Boogie T. His infectious bass-driven tunes and wonky drops will have your head spinning for more. Boogie T is headlining the Spirit Lake stage Thursday and promises to bring his swamp roots to keep the party “Supa Fly.”


SoDown’s saxophone-infused bass music adds a unique dimension to the electronic scene. Known for his genre-defying sets, you can expect anything from SoHeavy to SoGroovy to SoChill. It’s like an intergalactic jam session that’ll have you moving to the funky, otherworldly beats until the sun comes up.

Snakes and Stars

This dynamic duo consists of two of live music’s top drummers, Michael Travis (The String Cheese Incident, EOTO) and Aaron Johnston (Brazilian Girls, David Byrne’s American Utopia). They bring a fresh and exciting energy to the stage with their blend of electronic and organic sounds in a live and improvisational format. No two shows will ever be the same! 

John Summit

John Summit’s house and techno vibes are the heartbeat of the dancefloor. His rhythmic mastery will transport you to a pulsating, hypnotic universe where you’ll lose yourself in the infectious grooves. If you’re at his set, you’ll be glad that you are “Where You Are.” 

Manic Focus Live Band

Manic Focus and his live band deliver an electrifying performance that’s a fusion of electronic and live instrumentation. One of Hulaween’s most tenured acts, Manic Focus is always a crowd pleaser. Between the “Synchronization” of the guitar, drums, and live electronic elements, there’s one definite, and it’s that you’ll be “On the Horizon” of your seats. 

Lab Group

With Lab Group, expect the unexpected. Their experimental sounds challenge the boundaries of music, creating a sonic landscape filled with intriguing twists and turns that’ll keep you guessing. 

Apashe with Live Brass Ensemble

“Uebok Gotta Run” to this set! Apashe’s fusion of electronic and brass elements creates a sonic explosion of sound and energy. This performance is a symphony of epic proportions that will leave you feeling like a “Majesty.” 

Jason Leech

Jason Leech’s diverse musical influences make for a sonic exploration that’s both captivating and mind-bending. Using his keyboard and synths to play over electronic beats brings a new and fresh sound to Hulaween. Look out for Jason dropping a smooth mix of originals and remixes will leave you in a state of “Derealization”. 

The String Cheese Incident

As the beloved heart and soul of Hulaween, The String Cheese Incident’s presence at this year’s festival is bound to be extraordinary. With their genre-defying sound and unmatched improvisational skills, they’ll craft an immersive experience like no other. Under the Hunter’s Full Moon, their performance during the Saturday night She-Bang will be a collective of theme-related covers and magic that transcends the ordinary, leading festival-goers on a journey through a musical wonderland. Expect to be swept away by their sonic mastery under the enchanting Spanish moss and shining stars as the boundaries between worlds blur and the moon’s magic take us on a galactic voyage.

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