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WHIPPED CREAM Loses Herself to Find Herself on New Single ‘Lost My Way’

by Tyrone Basket

Sometimes, we have to lose ourselves to find ourselves. After disappearing without a trace, WHIPPED CREAM has officially returned with not just a new song but a new sound in Lost My Way. Released on Friday, November 3, through Monstercat, Lost My Way is filled with ethereal soundscapes and euphoric melodies that stimulate your senses and create a sonic experience like no other.

With her newfound sound, the multifaceted producer leans into self-empowering aesthetics and ultimately sheds the iconic white suit she wore throughout her Someone You Can Count On era. In doing so, she not only signals a new beginning but showcases a sense of artistry that’s both captivating and innovative. 

“Losing the suit symbolizes embracing the unknown and embarking on a fresh start while having the confidence to leave behind past experiences with a genuine belief in new opportunities.” WHIPPED CREAM explained. “It entails placing trust in the universal forces to guide you towards what is truly beneficial, rather than clinging to what doesn’t align with your inner sense of purpose and well-being.”

You can stream ‘Lost My Way’ by WHIPPED CREAM HERE!

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