Crankdat Channels Emotional Side with Sad Robot

Christian Smith aka Crankdat is not your typical DJ. In fact, the Ohio native’s story is quite compelling. Torn between music and athletics a high school Crankdat had a decision to make. Accept the full track and field scholarship to Kent State or pursue a career in music and attempt what many would call a pipedream. Of course, he chose the latter. Six years later, after releasing tracks with artists like Marshmello, Jauz, and Adventure Club Crankdat dropped his debut Monstercat EP titled Sad Robot. Released on August 6th, Sad Robot combines bright punchy bass with somber yet impactful soundscapes.

Crankdat mixes the old with new

Don’t let the album title fool you. While nowhere near as heavy as Mechanized Mayhem or Gearworld Vol.1, Sad Robot still goes hard. Revisiting the melodic style that jumpstarted his career in 2015 and sprinkling in doses of dirty bass Sad Robot hits on all levels. Crankdat showcases his depth and versatility and ultimately hints at where he is going with his sound and we can’t get enough. Crankdat’s Sad Robot is without a doubt a contender for EP of the summer.

Sad Robot is the ultimate form of emotional optimism

The lyrical content spread throughout Sad Robot is anything but happy nor optimistic. Crankdat tells stories of lost love, broken hearts, and lonely nights. However, he pairs his wistful emotional tones with bright invigorating bass. Somehow, it hits just right. Combining bouncy feel-good drops with sad boi aesthetics is hard to pull off but Crankdat does just that. The deeply emotional lines coupled with the dynamic and radiant basslines create an immense feeling of nostlgia. Sad Robot is a beautiful contradiction and just might be Crankdat’s best work yet.

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