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Raise Your Vibration With Lsdream’s Peace, Love, & Wubz

by Tyrone Basket

The immersive sound of Lsdream could only be described as intangible. However, what is clear is that the Hello Human DJ exists on a multitude of sonic planes. Lsdream combines old-school rave aesthetics with futuristic bass before dousing his productions in what some may call universal love.

If you followed Lsdream’s rise you would know that the La-based producer is known just as much for his messages outside of music as he is for the music itself. Acting as a warrior of the light Lsdream’s aura radiates through the collective consciousness. His music serves as a soundtrack for lightworkers and dreamers looking for something more. From mesmerizing live sets to mind-blowing productions and transcendent guided meditations, Lsdream is quietly inspiring a generation to look within.

On September 24th Lsdream released his third studio album titled Peace, Love, & Wubz. Filled with filthy basslines and celestial atmospheres, Lsdream takes us on a tripped-out journey through the higher realm.

Lsdream embraces the inner child on Peace, Love & Wubz

If you look closely at the album artwork you will notice that one of the chakras is missing. This was not an overlooked mistake. A child’s life is filled with wonder, discovery, and adventure without the fear of making mistakes. As we grow older we tend to forget that astonishment. From the album cover to the music itself, Lsdream’s third studio album serves as a reminder to embrace that inner child.

“One of the aesthetic concepts was children’s drawings / or inner child expression… embracing mistakes, coloring outside the lines…not being perfect, when a bunch of these drawings came back and I noticed one was missing, I thought it was a beautiful reminder to not take thing so seriously, allow imperfections and focus more intention, energy, and vibe,” Lsdream explained on the Lsdreamers Facebook group.

Elevate with Peace, Love, & Wubz

From the opening track, Love Rocket to the meditation sounds of Four of Swords, Peace Love, & Wubz is designed to raise your vibration. Lsdream leads the listener on a journey through psychedelic soundscapes that melt the mind and open the third eye. Whether it’s the heavy-hitting sounds of Potions or the blissful ambiance of Wild Orchids, Peace, Love & Wubz stimulates all senses.

Lsdream Solidifies his spot among bass music greats

Peace, Love, and Wubz not only solidifies Lsdream’s brilliance as a producer but establishes him as one of bass music’s most prolific DJs. The 11 track album is euphoric, adventurous, and an all-around inspiration.

Listen to Lsdream’s Peace, Love & Wubz on Apple Music or your preferred streaming service!

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